The Exalted Province of Ashwick lies in the northwest of the Empire of Luminairre, on the border with Davinguard and with only the Exalted Province of Trigonem between it and the Blood Plains. It is a heavily-wooded region and lumber is still the greatest of its exports.

-Phoenix, the rebuilt capital and largest city of Ashwick, seat of the Duke. Phoenix was built over the ruins of Ashton, the former capital, after that city was burned to the ground. Phoenix is the site of Ashwick’s seminary/training citadel, Ashton Priory.
-Phoenix holds the largest orphanage in Ashwick, the Dawning House.
-Alaril, the second largest trade city of Ashwick, a dock city at the heart of the Cotin River Valley.
-Light’s Herald, trade city near the Davinguard and Deonemorum border. Home of the “Ashwick Vanguards”, a mercenary company formed to protect caravans moving to and from Davinguard.
-The Barony of Markess lies about two-hours ride to the east of Phoenix. It is currently run by Baroness Eliska Maracek-Terenov.
-The Brackenwood forest, immediately to the south of Phoenix, is the domain of Baroness Marina Lightheart, cousin to the Duchess. The Hound’s Tooth Inn can be found there.
-The town of Thornhaven is approximately two-days ride southwest of Phoenix. Travel to Thornhaven means passing through the Brackenwood forest. Thornhaven lies along the major road connecting Phoenix to Rorim
-The city of Rorim lies about a week southwest of Phoenix. Its iron mines makes it a valuable resource for Ashwick, and a stronghold for the local branch of the Imperial Armory Guild.

Government: Ruled by Lord Knight Halt Wolfson, a Knight Sentinel
Ruled in Lord Knight Halt’s name by Duchess Ambria Lightheart, reigns from Phoenix
Assisted in government by Warden Saber Voltarus

Ashwick is a mostly unremarkable province, known primarily for its troubled history of its rulers over the last century or so.
-The last great Lord Knight of Ashwick was the famous hero Lord Knight Andin of Ashwick, who was instrumental in the fall of Chancellor Duvall and lifted the orc siege of Rozeril. He was often considered the finest Lord Knight of his age.
-Andin’s successor was the infamous The “Lost Knight”, who’s dark and bloody reign ended with him being stripped of his titles and to this day none will say his name in Ashwick or venture near his unfinished home “Revenent’s Keep”. It is whispered among the people that it is “The Lost Knight’s curse” that is to blame for the troubled governments that Ashwick has known since then. In fact, it has become traditional to blame any misfortune on the “Lost Knight’s curse”.
-In recent time, the Lord Knights of Ashwick have been kept too busy abroad to rule directly and most of the people of Ashwick look to the Dukes as their effective ruler, which is unfortunate given the rather high turnover rate among the Dukes.
-A generation ago Duke Valis Stoutwall schemed his way into power with the support of the nobility, reigning until he had an unfortunate “Accident” when a gargoyle fell on him.
-Stoutwall was succeeded by retired Knight Sir Beltin Lightheart, who retired his position three months ago to accept a diplomatic mission to Davinguard,
-Duke Beltin’s daughter Duchess Ambria Lightheart now reigns in Phoenix in his stead.



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