The Exalted State of Brighton is the seat of power in the Empire. Its capital city, Rozeril, is the heart of the Empire itself, the home of the Knighthood, and the most powerful branch of the Church of Rozerus.

The noble regent of Brighton is given the title of Archduke, and is a highly sought-after position. The real power of the Empire itself, currently, is the Circle of Lord Knights.

Previously, up to the death of Empress Lauren III, Rozeril was also the seat of the Imperial Throne. While the Imperial Throne has been vacant in the past, the current interregnum of eighty years breaks the record for a regency government and empty Imperial Palace. Also, previously, the Chancellor of Luminairre would balance the power of the Lord Knights, making sure the government of the Empire ran smoothly. As the position of Chancellor and the Chancellery of Luminairre has been eradicated after the actions of the last to hold the position, the Circle of Lord Knights currently reigns supreme over the Empire. As to be expected in a nation run by a martial order, constant mobilization for the past eighty years and subsequent loss of Knights have led to a lack of confidence in the governing power of the Lord Knights.

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