Character Generation

Chapter 1

PCs have 40 attribute points with which to generate character statistics using the Pathfinder rules for character creation. All PCs begin with 2 traits and a number of character points equal to their character level at creation. Backgrounds may be purchased if the player so chooses.

Bonus character points are awarded for adding background information/characters/locations to Obsidian Portal and providing a written background. The amount of the award is at the discretion of the GM based upon the detail provided.

Chapter 2 and Beyond

The die is cast. Fate has aligned its favored champions to be in a position to stop the encroaching darkness. When the Chosen heroes are slain, fate has to call in its second string for emergency replacements. PCs created after Chapter 1 has concluded (after 3/10/13) receive 30 attribute points with which to purchase attributes at creation. PCs created in Chapter 2 and beyond still receive Character Points equal to their character level at creation and may select two traits and purchase a starting background. Bonus Character Points will still be awarded for written background and contributions to Obsidian Portal based on background.

Until all of the “Original” PCs are dead, new PCs will come in at minimum XP needed for 1 level above the current party average (If the surviving heroes are all an average of 7th level, the new PC will come in at minimum XP for 8th level). The new PC will also begin with a bonus 5 Character Points. These “extras” help to make up for the difference in base attribute points and go away after the last of the “original” PCs dies (though the benefits do carry over to the player of the last “Original” PC to die, so that everyone gains the benefit at least once).

Character Generation

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