Code of Light

Knights are trained from the very first day of their Squiredom about the importance of maintaining the Code of Light. The Code is a long list of rules that was first put together by Emperor Brighton Luminairre I, and it has since been expanded and updated by his ancestors and the Knighthood in the long centuries since the Knighthood originated. Knights live and die by the Code, and the Knights Justicar adjudicate any violations. While the whole Code is far too extensive to list in its entirety, below is a general summary of some of the core principles of the Code:

  • A Knight is the champion of the weak, and is honor-bound to defend them.
  • A Knight shows respect to citizens of Luminairre and citizens of allied nations regardless of social status, gender, or race.
  • A Knight shall not bear false witness against another Knight.
  • A Knight is sworn to Justice. A Knight has a duty to uphold the law and to be fair in settling disputes.
  • A Knight is incorruptible. A Knight may not accept bribes or other favors.
  • A Knight must provide aid, whether it is simple hospitality or military aid, to another Knight that is in need, regardless of Order or rank.
  • A Knight’s first duty is to others. He must be willing to lay down his life in the service of Good.
  • A Knight fearlessly opposes Evil wherever it may be found.
  • While a Knight may sometimes be required to lay down his life in opposition of the forces of Evil, he need not waste his life in an unnecessary battle that cannot be won.
  • Poison is a tool of assassins and fiends. A Knight is forbidden from using it.
  • Prisoners should be treated with due courtesy and should not be beaten, degraded, denied adequate access to food or water, tortured, or killed unnecessarily.
  • When traveling abroad, a Knight must follow all rules of the sovereign governments that he travels through unless such laws violate the moral code of the Knight or the Code of Light.

The Emperor or Empress of Luminairre may add or delete sections of the Code with a majority vote of support from the Council of Lord Knights. It is primarily the job of the Knights Justicar to interpret and adjudicate the Code when questions come up, and to conduct trials over alleged violations in the Code. In the event that a new section of the Code is added or conflicts in some way with previously written Code, the Knights Justicar can bring the matter to the Council of Lord Knights for a review of the newly-adopted section of the Code.

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Code of Light

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