Cohorts. They are fun to have and provide a lot of extra help and depth to characters. But they have a major weakness. It is difficult for them to “keep up” with PCs. Since they are one to two levels lower than the primary character, they have lower hit points and ability scores and often get trampled by rampaging boss creatures. In an effort to try and make sure they remain relavent, here is the solution I will be using.

a) Maximum Cohort level will be determined according to the chart listed under the Leadership feat.

b) Cohorts will receive a limited form of the “elite” template for free (no “level adjustment” cost). They will have +50% hit points, and gain a +2 bonus to Strength and Constitution. True, they may have more hit points than the PCs, but they will generally have lower attack bonuses and worse gear to balance it. It’s the only way they’ll be able to keep up with the PCs).

c) In addition to receiving the limited form of the “elite” template for free, cohorts may have up to one point of racial level adjustment for free (allowing some racial options from the Bestiaries to be taken). As the natural races of Ondoron are significantly more advanced than the standard Pathfinder races, the level adjustment should not give the cohort any extreme advantage.

d) Cohorts will not have their own Action Points. PCs may spend action points from their own pool to increase cohort rolls.

e) Cohorts get one Character Point per effective level that they have, and an additional 1 per level they attain. Cohorts will not be able to gain character points in any other way, but may spend them following the same rules as PCs.

f) Grandfathered Cohorts: The first (and only the first cohort) of the current cast of PCs (Simon, Takeo, Wren, Dusan, and Caiden) will have 35 attribute points to work with for purchasing attributes. If that first cohort dies, leaves, gets abducted, or otherwise loses his cohort status, any future cohorts of the 5 “A-Team” PCs will only get 30 attribute points to work with.

g) Non-Grandfathered Cohorts: In the event that Simon, Takeo, Wren, Dusan, or Caiden retire or die or are otherwise removed from the campaign, any cohorts of their new characters will only have 25 attribute points to work with.

h) Equipping Cohorts: Cohorts get starting cash/gear as if they were a PC of their level. No more than 25% of their starting cash can be spent on any single item.

i) Cohorts may also purchase a background for the listed Character Point cost. And they receive the two traits for free as if they were PCs.


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