Currency of Ondoron

Previous to the rise of Verith Nuul, the closest thing to a universally-accepted currency on Ondoron had been the ancient Hisskarssasson Empire at its height. But there were few other civilizations and nations that existed at that point in time. Until Verith Nuul rose to dominance before the Demon War, nations minted their own currency, usually in the form of coins of precious metals of various sizes, compositions, and bearing different names. Exchange rates between currencies were often arbitrarily fixed based on a nation’s relative strength and standing.

As Verith Nuul rose to dominance, however, the status quo changed. The Empire of Verith Nuul was extensive, and few other mortal empires have wielded the kind of economic, military, and political power that this ancient civilization did. The Empire was considered so stable and its might was so much greater than nearly any other nation at the time (at least of the nations that had any dealings with Verith Nuul), that most of the mortal nations just started using Nuulian currency because of all of the business dealings they had with the Empire.

This became problematic, however, when Jagdar himself declared war upon Emperor Incantus IV at the beginning of the War of Seven. Vagrius knew that the destruction of the Empire would plunge the mortal world into a devastating financial collapse. For this reason alone, Vagrius sided with Emperor Incantus IV in the war.

When the War of Seven was ended with the Deathwind Scourge, Vagrius and the other five Watchers that had participated in the War of Seven were exiled from Heaven for a century to work on restoring the lands they had devastated.

Among Vagrius’s accomplishments from this time was the creation of the Bank of Ondoron (which would later become a part of the Church of Vagrius after the Demon War). The Bank created a standard universal currency, which it minted and backed up by its own impressive reserves of gold. The Bank monitored and set exchange rates for individual national currencies to maintain consistency. They also loaned money to governments and individuals in exchange for a percentage in interest upon repayment.
The universal currency still exists in a relatively un-altered form. Due to inflation, new currency types have been added. The currency is accepted nearly everywhere on Ondoron, even in nations that continue to mint their own currency.
Below is a table of the names and values of the Vagrian Exchange Currency:
1 draan (copper)
1/100 decar
1 kitar (silver)
1/10 decar
1 decar (gold)
1 decar
1 crown (platinum)
10 decar
1 scepter (mithril)
100 decar
1 soverign (adamantine)
1,000 decar
1 white drake (whitescale)
5,000 decar
1 black drake (blackscale)
10,000 decar
1 green drake (greenscale)
100,000 decar
1 blue drake (bluescale)
1,000,000 decar
1 red drake (redscale)
10,000,000 decar
1 diamond drake (lumos)
100,000,000 decar
1 gold hammer (vagrium)
1,000,000,000 decar

The decar is made of gold, and as such, is literally worth its weight in gold. Other coins can be redeemed at a temple of Vagrius for a predetermined number of decar. Some of the larger valued coins will often take time to be cashed in (to verify authenticity and to move that kind of money from the central bank vaults to the bank branch where the coin is being redeemed. For the most part, the coins are a convenient way to carry large amounts of cash, and are openly traded at standard value. Most stores can deal with coin values up to a crown, but values over that will often have to be traded in at a temple first into smaller denominations (though some stores that are larger or deal in expensive merchandise, like magical items, can make change for some large-currency coins.
Coins can be redeemed by anyone that holds them, so are easily transferred.

Special Materials:
Whitescale – This pearly-white coin is made of a white metal. Rumors abound that this is made of an alloy of steel and white dragonscale.
Blackscale – This coin appears to be a shiny, deep black metal. It is rumored to be made of an alloy of steel and black dragonscale.
Greenscale – This coin appears to be made of a dark green metal. It is rumored to be made from an alloy of steel and the blood of a green dragon.
Bluescale – This coin appears to be made of a deep azure metal. It is rumored to be made from an alloy of steel and the scales of a blue dragon.
Redscale – This coin is steel, but is the color of dried blood. Not many care to think what this coin might be made out of.
Lumos – This coin is not metal like the others, but is instead crafted from a form of crystal that is faintly illuminated by its own inner glow.
Vagrium – An unknown alloy. The metal is dark gray in color and contains flecks of shimmering metallic color.
Regardless of what these coins may be made from, all that is known is that the church of Vagrius is the only one that knows the secret of their creation. The church guards this knowledge jealously.

Counterfeiting is a grievous offense to the Church of Vagrius. Coins are minted with a variety of countermeasures that make them difficult or costly to duplicate. When counterfeit coins are found, there is a branch of the Church of Vagrius that seeks out the counterfeiters. They have authority to arrest suspected counterfeiters of any nation and bring them back to the Church of Vagrius for inquisition. Only the most desperate or foolish of people attempt to counterfeit Vagrian currency.


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