Dragons of Ondoron

Bahar, Lord of Shining Scales

Bahar was one of the original divine beings of Ondoron. According to legend and the histories of the ancient dragons and the Hisskarssi, he wore the form of a dragon with pure silver and golden scales. Unlike the Watchers that were created by Ondora, Bahar arrived from Beyond in her company. The Elder Dragons served Bahar loyally and well and he was also revered by the Hisskarssi.

Bahar was slain by the combined might of Lunarus, Jagdar, and Rozerus. The fall of Bahar led to the fall of the Elder Dragons, the rise of the metallic dragons, and the decline of the Hisskarssasson Empire.

The Elder Dragons

According to history and religious lore, Bahar was a Guardian of Ondoron. The Elder Dragons were his creations, and were brought about to safeguard the new world. The Elder Dragons were known for their wisdom and spellcasting might and their great size. The Hisskarssi worshiped them as near-divine beings.

When Bahar was slain, the Elder Dragons began to decline. Metallic dragons began popping up while the numbers of the stronger Elder Dragons began to decline. The Great Dragon War, in which Ylchia corrupted most of the surviving fusanglung and dilung Elder dragons, caused further strife and decrease in the numbers and strength of the Elder Dragons and the Hisskarssasson Empire.

Unlike most modern dragons, the Elder Dragons did not possess wings on their serpentine bodies. They were able to fly like modern dragons, but did not need wings to do so.

As the world rapidly changed and new dragons rose up, the Elder Dragons began to vanish. Their ultimate fate is unknown, but none of the Elder Dragons have been seen in more than 10,000 years.

There were five known races of Elder Dragons that have been identified in ancient texts.

  • Futsanglungs – Futsanglungs were the smallest of the Elder Dragons. According to descriptions, these Elder Dragons had stone-like horns and scales and were the color of deep volcanic rock. There are many tales of the claws of futsanglungs tearing through the thickest armor with ease, and indeed, dwarves of old hunted them for their adamantine claws. These dragons were able to breathe magma and could burrow through the rock quickly. During the reign of Bahar and before Ylchia corrupted most of them, the futsanglung dragons were builders and tacticians. They had no small part in the crafting of numerous Hisskarssi strongholds that have survived into modern times. Ylchia changed these magnificent creatures, twisting them into exceptionally greedy and calculating monsters.
  • Jiaolungs – Jiolungs were the guardians of the vast oceans of Ondoron and all that lived beneath them. Jiolungs could breathe torrents of superheated water at their enemies and prey. These Elder Dragons were known for their ability to control the waves and the weather as well as their tempestuous natures.
  • Tienlungs – Tienlungs were the personal emissaries of Bahar. Generally known for their benevolent and noble natures, these Elder Dragons were the most involved in mortal affairs. Many mortals sought tienlungs out for their wisdom. These dragons were known to be fearsome champions and defenders of the weak. The tienlungs were the last to abandon the world, and the defense of the decaying Hisskarssi Empire and the battles of the Great Dragon War decimated the numbers of these magnificent creatures.
  • Dilungs – Dilungs were one of the most powerful of the Elder Dragon races. These beasts possessed a strong affinity for the earth, and while they could fly like any other dragon, they often preferred to travel on land. The Dilungs made their homes in the forests and the wild places of the world. These dragons possessed jade scales and antlers, and before their corruption by Ylchia before the Great Dragon War these beasts were guardians of the wild places of the world and scouts and powerful soldiers. Ylchia’s whispers corrupted most of the dilungs however, twisting them into fickle and malevolent beings of destruction. Among all of the Elder Dragons, the dilungs were feared the most by their enemies. Though accounts vary wildly, it is said that the jade scales of dilung dragons were virtually impenetrable and that it’s breath weapon was irresistable. Furthermore, these Elder Dragons had incredible mobility and could destroy mortals with a touch of their claws. Dilungs are capable of utterly destroying acres of land in a matter of minutes.
  • Lungwangs – Lungwangs were golden-scaled Elder Dragons that were created to be the guardians of harmony and balance. These dragons were perhaps the most mysterious and secretive of the ancient dragons, rarely involving themselves in mortal affairs. They were a wild-card force in the world, sometimes fighting on the side of good and sometimes for the side of evil. Some tales whisper that these mighty dragons played a role in the fall of the Hisskarssasson Empire and perhaps even the death of Bahar. The validity of those accounts are questionable. It is known, however, that lungwang dragons were one of the first Elder Dragon races to vanish. Like the dilung dragons, these Elder Dragons had some unique features. They were capable of summoning or creating golden battle armor that could protect them from the blows of their enemies, and the sound of their roar could shatter mountains. Because of their appearance, many scholars speculate there may be some connection between gold dragons and the lungwang of old.

The “New” (2nd Generation) Dragons

Changes began occurring in dragonkind after the fall of Bahar and the corruption of some of the dragons that culminated in the Great Dragon War. A new species of evil dragon was born. These new dark dragons, often referred to as Lernian dragons or “second-generation” dragons, were pure terrors. They appear similar to hydras and each have five heads. Unlike hydras, these Lernian dragons have wings that allow them to fly, greater strength, and a spiked tail that can inject its victims with a powerful venom. Each head has a different breath weapon: one poison, one sonic, one magma, and one acid. These dragons are known to be extremely jealous and violent.

The origin of these dragons remains a mystery. Some scholars speculate that these dragons rose spontaneously from corrupted dilung and futsanglung dragon eggs over the centuries. Others speculate that they were the creations of a mad wizard or interbreeding with the primal dragons. Still others believe that Verith Nuul Mergemagic was involved (generally only true conspiracy buffs believe this last reason, as lernean dragons were sighted before the founding of the mergemagic program or the birth of Emperor Incantus I.

It is widely believed that Blackfang the Marauder was a lernean dragon before he ascended to the status of a Watcher.

Dusk Dragons

Dusk dragons were created by the long lost Watcher Kuraia. Many believe that these dragons died out within centuries of the disappearance of their creators (the evil dragons hunted them relentlessly after Kuraia disappeared). Yet a handful of unconfirmed sightings have happened, some as recently as a century ago. The most learned of scholars say that the dusk dragons still live and still actively interfere in mortal affairs from the comfort of the shadows. According to what accounts exist for these dragons, they possessed a poisonous bite and breathed a black cloud of weakening gas upon their enemies. They were also skilled in stealth and subterfuge.

Extremely little is known of these dragons. Scholars have not even determined if these dragons still exist. If they do still exist, no one admits to knowing where these dragons may be found nor what their goals may be.

Metallic Dragons

It is uncertain where the metallic dragons came from. The brass, bronze, copper, silver, and gold dragons all started to appear about the same time, and all records agree that it was after the Great Dragon War and the after the Elder Dragons started to decline. One legend states that these dragons were crafted by the hand of Vagrius out of precious metals, to replace the dragons that were lost. Other legends claim that the metallics are descended from the Elder Dragons and began to hatch as the influence of the deceased Watcher Bahar faded away.

The metallic dragons have had a big impact on Ondoron, often participating in major battles and wars or otherwise offering aid to the forces of good. The metallic dragons, like the Elder Dragons before them, seem to have virtually disappeared. Only a handful have been active in Ondoron the past 1,000 years. What has become of the metallics no scholars can say.

Chromatic Dragons

During the reign of the Empire of Verith Nuul, the fallen dragons were widely hunted by mortals. While openly supporting the hunt for evil dragons, Emperor Incantus I reached out to some of the renegade dragons, offering them solace and protection in specially and covertly established preserves within the empire. In exchange for safety, the fallen dragons would surrender some of their eggs. Faced with few other options, many dragons agreed.

Verith Nuul did extensive experimentation with the eggs, exposing them to pure elemental energy. The result was the birth of the chromatic dragons. Experimentation with the eggs of lernian dragons yielded hydras (which were far easier to control).

The chromatics and other draconic creations of the Verith Nuul served as guardians and air support until the fall of the Empire. Once the Empire fell, the dragons were free to pursue their own goals and agendas, and none of them ever forgot their forced subjugation by the humans. The blue dragons alone still appreciate the value of the combined might of man and dragon, though even they refuse to be in a subservient role.

The chromatics have traditionally caused trouble and sought out treasures throughout Ondoron. They have manipulated events and taken part in mortal wars. Unlike the Elder Dragons and the metallic dragons, the chromatics have never vanished. The strongest center of draconic might is concentrated in the Empire of Seran.

Prismatic Dragons

The prismatic dragons are a new race that is less than 200 years old. Hatched by the the influence of Klintendekkerdor. Little is known of these dragons and to what extent their powers will extend. They seem to be sociable and exceptionally powerful compared to other dragons their size. What their ultimate purpose and goal is remains unknown, as is the extent of their abilities and powers (the oldest of them is only a young adult).

This has caused some problems, as there is a race of teenaged dragons without any elders around.

Primal Dragons

Among the creations of Bahar were the primal dragons, extraplanar dragons that were created to be guardians of what was formerly the elemental planes (now referred to as the elemental vortex). Umbral dragons were created to be the guardians of the Plane of Shadow.

Other Dragons

The dragons mentioned above are not the full extent of the dragons found on Ondoron. Some have ties to the fey realms. Others are not widely known but exist only as rumors and and myths.

Dragons of Ondoron

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