Endaril has always been an open supporter of the Nations of Light. Since its inception after the Demon Wars (and the near-fall of Reimal), Endaril has openly supported the Shield Alliance to the west, and lent its assistance in any war fought against the servants of the Dark Watchers.

Endaril is not known for its soldiers, though. The land of Endaril seems to have been blessed by Narola herself, with incredibly fertile farmland and healthy livestock. Endaril leather is sought after by nations all across the continent. The people of Endaril have taken advantage of this blessing for generations, focusing on using the land to its fullest.

It’s people mostly serve Narola, Ekleria, and Vagrius. When Endaril comes to a nation’s support, they can expect plenty of food, boots, saddles, armor, blankets, and other necessities. The government of Endaril has usually provided these necessities at a fair cost in exchange for protection. Most notably, Endaril was where the western expansion of the Caethan Republic was stopped, with the help of Davinguardian troops.

Endaril also houses the last remaining population of goblins that had fled the Green Purge of the Dalerisen Meltha. The goblins have long since sworn fealty to the Crown of Endaril, helping to protect the northern borders from the Dalerians in exchange for land, food, and sanctuary. While Endaril is not known for its standing army, it can produce an extremely large force with the aid of the goblins.

However, Endaril’s golden days may be at an end. For the past few years, the normally bountiful lands have been drying up. Drought and pestilence have caused crops and herds to wither, cutting down on Endaril’s ability to trade and support itself. Clerics and druids have been called in to combat the problem but have been unable to successfully combat the strange blight. Endaril has sunk deeper into debt the past few years, and the populace begins to starve. To make matters worse, rumors have begun of a strange new disease that ravages the land. Growing tensions with their long-time neighbor Davinguard are causing many to speculate on the nature of the disruption…



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