Gnome Abbrs

This page is dedicated to the random gnome abbreviations that appear as the campaign moves along the road to awesome. I will try to update this with information as it’s presented and give a brief description.

I.P.P.I. (Information for the Prevention of Party Infiltration) – This form is used by gnomes to gather information for a newly formed, or forming party by creation of this form. Should a party be infiltrated, the information will be used to root out true members, and fake ones.
The common practice is that the only one to know the information will be the leader that either leads the party directly, or has hired them specifically to work for them. It is possible that said leader can allow one that will be traveling with the party, in the event that they have mearly hired them, to know this information and allow for on the spot checks.
Using falsified information usually comes with steep punishment as the form is null when false information is used, and thus defeats the purpose.
It has been known however that with those that work with many different employers or parties use specific false information in order to hide who they truly are while allowing the information presented in the form to be valid when asking questions. If it is found to be false information, punishment is given out due to it being found out.

I.L.L. (Interwoven Loomic Language) – There is no written version to teach the language, its secrets are passed down verbally only.
The structure of the language is built on using all known languages. No actual complete sentences are used, but instead, the language resolves on the meaning of the individual language used, its placement, and the other words/languages used with them. In this way the languages are woven together to form a specific meaning.

U.C.O.G.S. (Union of Collaborators for the Organization of Guild Synergy) – see: U.C.O.G.S.

R.A.D.I.O. System (Remote Audio Dynamic Input Output System) – see: U.C.O.G.S.

U.H.C. (Universal Housing Cage) – This is a fairly new method of creating hot swapping cages for gnome power crystals to allow a user to swap crystals on the fly.

Gnome Abbrs

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