Knight Officer


Tabard: Varies By Order
Focus: Field Leadership


The Knight Officers are not an official Order of the Knighthood, but rather important components of the other Orders. The Knight Officers are the leaders of the Order that answer to senior officers and the Lord Knights.

The Knight Officers are very busy in times or war and peace. They are responsible for administrative duties as well as for the discipline, training, and provisioning of the men under their command.

Most of the Orders have Knight Officers, with the notable exception of the Knights Justicar. As the Knights Justicar see little front-line action, there is no need to complicate their hierarchy.

A Knight Officer wears the uniform of the Order they belong to, but bear command stars equal to their Knight Officer rank. They are still considered to be members of the Order they were in most recently before taking levels in this prestige class.

Knight Officers are as diverse as the Orders they lead and come from many different backgrounds. While all Knight Officers are paladins, many of which are multiclassed. As such, there are representatives from many different classes within the ranks of the Knight Officers.

Ranks of the Knight Officers

Rank Name Insignia
Allectus 1 Star
Antesignanis 2 Stars
Commander 3 Stars
Praetor 4 Stars
Telarum 5 Stars

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Knight Officer

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