Knights Arcanum


Tabard: Purple
Focus: Arcane Casting


Early in the history of the Knighthood, Emperor Valus recognized that the Knighthood needed to branch out if it were to defend itself and the people it defended from the attacks of dark mages. A group of devoted mages was found and invited to join the Knighthood. Those that agreed became the first Knights Arcanum.

The Knights Arcanum wear purple tabards. They are trained in the arcane arts and can mean the difference between victory and defeat on any given battlefield. The major difference between the Knights Arcanum and other martial mages is that they are fervent worshippers of Rozerus. Their devotion grants them holy powers beyond the ken of other mages.

In times of war, the Knights Arcanum typically function as magical artillery in support of the other Knights on the front lines and to help shield them from the devastating spells of enemy arcane casters. The Knights Arcanum are also the keepers of lore and history for the Knighthood.

Multiclass wizard/paladins find the path of the Knights Arcanum most appealing, but there are also sorcerers and, more rarely, bards among the ranks of the Order. Lawful Good warmages are also known to follow this path.

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Knights Arcanum

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