Knights Cavalier


Tabard: Red
Focus: Mounted Combat


The Knights Cavalier are renowned throughout Ondoron as the ultimate mounted warriors for the forces of Good. While the Knights Petitioner function primarily as ground troops and light cavalry, the Knights Cavalier are the hammers that breach enemy lines.

Unlike most other cultures on Ondoron, the Knights Cavalier are not necessarily drawn from the ranks of the nobility of the Empire. Many are the children of farmers or shopkeepers or cobblers. Anyone in the Knighthood that shows a particular aptitude with animals and fights well from the back of a horse is welcome to join the Order.

In times of peace, the Knights Cavalier help patrol the roads of the Empire in search of bandits and others that would prey on the weak and defenseless. They also schedule grand tournaments to keep their fighting skills in top form. The common people love the tournaments, and many come from all over the Empire just to see one and cheer for their favorite Knights.

While all Knights Cavalier come from paladin backgrounds, there are many with levels of fighter. Slightly less common are multiclass paladins with ranger backgrounds.

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Knights Cavalier

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