Knights Crusader


Tabard: Blue
Focus: Shock troops


The Knights Crusader believe that Evil grows stronger when good men do nothing. For that reason, the Knights Crusader actively seek out and challenge evil and injustice and attempt to put an end to it. They actively search for evil to banish and wrongs to right. Their zealous faith grants them an impressive array of powers that few of their enemies can stand against.

In times of war, the Knights Crusader are often found on the front lines. They seek out the most powerful sources of evil and seek to neutralize them. Even in times of peace the Knights Crusader refuse to rest. They travel extensively, searching for new evils to banish and wrongs to right. The Knights Crusader are also one of the most difficult of the Orders for the Lord Knights to control. The Knights Crusader have created several international incidents when their pursuit of evil leads them into foreign kingdoms or step uninvited into a foreign conflict.

The Knights Crusader are the first ones called when the Lord Knights want to take the battle to an enemy or when a powerful evil threatens the Empire.

Most Knight Crusaders are from pure paladin backgrounds, however there are some that have experience as fighters or clerics.

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Knights Crusader

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