Knights Defender


Tabard: Gold
Focus: Bodyguard


The Knights Defender are trained guardians whose primary purpose is to protect the Imperial family, the Lord Knights, foreign dignitaries, and anyone else the Lord Knights may deem in need of their protection.

The Lord Knights and the Knight Officers of the Order assign targets to individual Knights Defender. Individual assignments usually last until the danger to the target has been eliminated, until the target returns safely to her home nation, or until the target dies. The Knights Defender are active in the defense of their designated charges. If they are attacked, the Knights Defender work hard to discover the identities of the attackers and to eliminate or capture them.

While most Knights Defender are found serving within the Empire, a few are charged with the protection of traveling ambassadors or important individuals or items that must travel to or from the Empire.

Most Knights Defender come from fighter backgrounds. Some monks and clerics have taken the oaths of the Knights Defender, as have a few rangers.

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Knights Defender

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