Knights Hospitaler


Tabard: Light Blue
Focus: Healing


Unlike the other Orders of the Knighthood of Luminairre, the Knights Hospitaler are servants of Mirala’ana. Early on in the Knighthood’s history, Mirala’ana saw that the Knights were a force of light in the troubled world and wanted to help them. She spoke to her husband Rozerus, and he welcomed her offer for aid. Before long, the Church of Mirala’ana had agreed to work with the Knighthood to train a new Order of Knights that were as dedicated to healing wounds as the other Orders were dedicated to fighting the forces of evil.

All Knights Hospitaler have some training as clerics before they join the ranks of the Order. In times of war, they heal the soldiers and refugees of Luminairre. In times of peace, the Knights Hospitaler travel throughout the Empire and beyond, healing wounds and showing compassion to all they meet. The Knights Hospitaler are one of the biggest reasons that the Knights of Luminairre enjoy such a positive reputation among the Empire’s non-evil neighbors. Often the Lord Knights will send many Knights Hospitaler to aid good-aligned nations that have suffered some great natural disaster.

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Knights Hospitaler

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