Knights Inquisitor


Tabard: Maroon
Focus: Investigation and Counterintelligence


The Knights Inquisitor are the investigators of the Knighthood. They investigate alleged violations of the Code of Light by other Knights, and if enough evidence is found, bring the perpetrator to face trial before the Knights Justicar. The Order also investigates any crimes against Knights, such as investigating the murder or robbery of a Knight. They are also responsible for finding spies, saboteurs, and others that act to harm the Knighthood before their sinister plans come to fruition.

As if their normal duties are not enough, the Knights Inquisitor also help local law enforcement agencies when they need assistance.

The Knights Inquisitor work closely with the Knights Justicar to uphold the Code of Light and maintain the security of the Empire and the Knighthood.

Knights Inquisitor can be found anywhere in the Luminairre Empire. Depending on the danger and the importance of the case, Knights Inquisitor may work alone or in groups. The Knights Inquisitor prefer to end conflicts without killing their foes if possible. Everyone deserves their day in the Hall of Justice, the Knights Inquisitor believe.

Most Knights Inquisitor come from rogue, scout, or ranger backgrounds. Few other classes can meet the rigid skill requirements

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Knights Inquisitor

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