Knights Justicar


Tabard: Black
Focus: Judges, Interpreters, and Mediators


The Knights Justicar are the lawkeepers and judges of the Knighthood. They interpret the Code of Light and are the mediators of any disputes between the Orders or challenges to the ancient Code.

Unlike most of the other Orders, the Knights Justicar rarely if ever see any military action. Most of their work is behind the scenes. They maintain the Code of Light which binds the Order together as a single force of Light and Justice in Ondoron.

Low level Knights Justicar usually spend hours doing extensive research into sections of the Code of Light for their superiors or the Lord Knights. They also function as attorneys for prosecution or defense of anyone accused of crimes against the Code of Light or the Knighthood.

High level Knights Justicar serve as judges in those trials or offer interpretations of the Code of Light to the Lord Knights or any within the Orders that need advice. If new additions are made to the Code of Light, it is the Knights Justicar who ensure that the new section of Code does not interfere with any existing laws and fits with the ideals of the Knighthood.

The role of the Knights Justicar does not change much in times of war. The primary duty of the Knights Justicar is to ensure that Justice prevails. They have the ability to restore the powers of repentant fallen Knights or to strip the ranks or powers from those that violate the Code.

All Knights Justicar are multiclass clerics/paladins of Rozerus. It is very rare for members of other classes to join this Order

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Knights Justicar

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