Knights Lumina


Tabard: Yellow
Focus: Undead-killing


Throughout the history of the Luminairre Empire, undead have plagued the northeastern and western borders of the Empire. While all of the Orders have battled the undead, none of the Orders specialized in finding and dispatching them. A thousand years ago, a young priestess of Lunarus named Brenna Aurumnas and her twin brother Michael (who was a Knight Crusader) fought together against the undead legions of Darian the Dark. The success rate of the duo of locating and purging dens of the undead was impressive. Empress Angela Luminairre, the ruler of the Empire at that time, saw an opportunity to better defend the Empire and to strengthen the bonds between the church of Lunarus and the church of Rozerus. Empress Luminairre called Brenna to a meeting and charged her with building an Order of Knights that specialized in battling the undead. Brenna agreed to the task and found other clerics of Lunarus that were eager to join the Knighthood and battle the undead. With the help of her brother, Brenna forged them into the first Knights Lumina.

The Knights Lumina are charged with locating and destroying undead threats to the Empire. The Knights travel widely throughout the Empire, but are found in greater numbers on the western and northeastern borders. The Order also seeks out Necromancers and those that create undead.

Unlike most of the Orders of the Knighthood, Lunarus is the patron Watcher of the Knights Lumina. Most Knights Lumina are from pure paladin backgrounds, however there are many who have training as clerics.

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Knights Lumina

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