Knights Petitioner


Tabard: Green
Focus: Training and Combined Arms


One thing that all Knights of Luminairre have in common is that they were all members of Knights Petitioner at the beginning of their service. New recruits are put into this Order, where they learn what it means to be a Knight and the basic skills that they will need to grow and advance to other Orders of the Knighthood.

The Knights Petitioner wear green tabards which, in addition to the Order’s reputation as being the training ground for new recruits has led to the nickname “greenies” by the other Orders. While there is no set time limit to how long a Knight can remain in this Order, many petition to join one of the other, more specialized Orders as soon as they are able. All Knights Petitioner are questioned about what other Orders they are interested in joining, and their training is customized to help them reach their goals.

Despite their reputation for inexperience, many of the more experienced members of the Order of Knights Petitioner are some of the finest warriors in the Empire. Indeed, the Knights Petitioner are the backbone of the Knighthood’s military might. While they are not as skilled as the Knights Cavalier in mounted combat, they can hold their own and also make excellent foot soldiers.

All Knights Petitioner are paladins, but many are multiclassed. Multiclassed paladins from just about every walk of life can be found in this prestige class.

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Knights Petitioner

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