Knights Sentinel


Tabard: Gray
Focus: Scouts and Skirmishers


The Knights Sentinel are dedicated warriors and scouts of the frontiers of the Luminairre Empire. They are tasked with tracking down bandits, warning the Knighthood of any invasions, and patrolling the wilds of the Empire. The tracking abilities of the Knights Sentinel are legendary. There are stories of raiding parties that have arrived at their target destination only to find a Knight Sentinel waiting for them.

Unlike most Knights, the Knights Sentinel generally work alone or in very small groups. Also unlike most orders, the Knights Sentinel favor light armor and rely on speed for their survival.

In times of war, the Knights Sentinel serve as scouts and skirmishers. They are feared for their mobility and their stealth abilities, which are virtually unheard of among the other Knightly Orders.

Nearly all Knights Sentinel are drawn from the ranks of multiclass paladins/rangers. Other combinations are extremely rare.

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Knights Sentinel

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