Knights Templar


Tabard: Silver
Focus: Security


The Knights Templar are the guardians of holy sites, strongholds, and artifacts within the Empire of Luminairre. The Knights Defender are primarily responsible for the defense of people and certain items and objects that are being moved from one location to another. The Knights Templar specialize in defending a specific position, and can hold off a superior force for a considerable amount of time without reinforcements. If there is a position that needs to be held regardless of the cost, it is a safe bet that there are some Knights Templar stationed there.

Unlike most other Orders, there are very few adventuring Knights Templar. Their dedication and duties to the defense of a single location hinder their mobility. On rare occasions, Knights Templar may be assigned to take and hold an enemy location. Most often, the enemies come to the Knights Templar.

It has been said that the only difference between times of war and times of peace for the Knights Templar are how eventful their shifts are. During times of war, the shifts and assigned locations of any given Knight Templar can change depending upon the defensive needs and vulnerabilities of the Empire.

Multiclass paladin/fighters are very common among the ranks of the Knights Templar. However there are many that have pure paladin training or paladins with cleric training. Knights Templar tend to rely on heavy armor for their protection, so there are few monks, sorcerers, or wizards among the order. The months of stationary service are unattractive to most rangers and rogues.

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Knights Templar

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