Lord Knights

The Lord Knights of Luminairre are the leaders of the Knighthood and the Empire. In times of peace, they oversee the Knighthood and help with the administration of the Empire. They tirelessly seek to make the lives of the Imperial citizens better, and they are typically loved and respected by all of the Empire’s lawful citizens.

In times of war, the Lord Knights meet with field officers to plan strategies. Many Lord Knights travel to the front lines to help defend the Empire in person. Each Lord Knight oversees a portion of the Empire (called an Exalted State), and in times of war they are in charge of rallying recruits from their home regions to form a Luminairrian army. While the Knights are a formidable foe, there are sometimes not enough to counter serious threats to the Empire by themselves.

Lord Knights have the power to change the Code of Light with a majority vote. They do not do so lightly, however. The Code has grown long over the years, and there are many obscure and little-known pieces of the Code that can clash with any changes in the Code. When the Code does need to be altered, the Lord Knights depend on the help of the Knights Justicar to ensure that the Code remains functional and true to its purpose.

There are two members of every Order in the Council of Lord Knights plus the current Emperor or Empress (and sometimes an heir to the throne as well), so the interests of the Orders are equally represented.

Lord Knights elect their own members. When a position within the Lord Knights opens, the remaining Lord Knights choose a Knight from the Order that is now under-represented. A review is done of all Knights within that Order, and the one that most closely represents the spirit of that Order.

The Lord Knights handle the affairs, strategy, and administration of the Knighthood in addition to acting as advisors to the current ruler of Luminairre. While each Lord Knight is also the official ruler of one of the Exalted States of the Empire, but they usually leave ruling the state to the established noble regency.

The current Lord Knights are:

Name Order State
Lord Tristan Arxis Knight Petitioner Album Corva
Lord Acron Iceheart Knight Justicar Albus Turris
Lady Viola the Gentle Knight Hospitaler Amnis Argenti
Lord Halt Wolfson Knight Sentinel Ashwick
(Archduke Verinious Drakeheart) None Brighton
Lord Nigel Lightblade Knight Defender Caelovirtus
Lady Mara Aurellius Knight Cavalier Campisaurea
Lord Aquilinus Brightguard Knight Templar Crystallus
Lord Lionel Damasippus Knight Cavalier Cordis Equis
Lady Aurina Shadowbane Knight Sentinel Deonemorum
Lord Palance Skyshard Knight Lumina Lumingaard
Lord Lucious Lionheart Knight Justicar Lux Cordis
Lady Sara Sunblade Knight Lumina Lux Culmenos
Lady Callista Splitshield Knight Defender Miles Hostiam
Lord Tyrus Frostblade Knight Arcanum Montus Ignis
Lord Marcus Lanternbearer Knight Petitioner Northgaard
Lady Lauren Varinus Knight Hospitaler Orarius Luci
Lady Serena Oakshield Knight Arcanum Ral’tanar
Lady Brenna Brighthand Knight Templar Sacra Terra
Lady Dara Faithshield Knight Crusader Telarial
Lord Octavian Luminairre Knight Crusader Trigonum
Lord Silas Marcellas Knight Inquisitor Vallisuvas
Lord Balon Demonbane Knight Inquisitor Veritas

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Lord Knights

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