Lumingaard was, until recently, one of the richer of Luminairre’s Exalted States. It had a thriving shipbuilding industry, and trade from the rest of the Empire across the Sea of Din’Garreth made control of Lumingaard an enviable position for much of Luminairre’s nobility. The recent war against the undead of Old Din’Garreth has soured Lumingaard’s fortunes, and much of its industry is being spent on the construction of a sanctified seawall to keep the undead at bay.

It’s major city was Anchorhead, one of Luminairre’s largest port cities as well as one of the largest strongholds of the Knights. In recent years, Anchorhead has fallen on hard times, since trade along the Sea of Din’Garreth has severely declined, and much of Lumingaard’s tax income is being spent on the construction of the wall.

The sanctified wall, merely called “The Wall” while it is under construction, is nearing completion. The main drivers behind the constuction of the wall is an ironhammer dwarf architect named Dolgrim Nightbeard and his half-elf agent Quiray Coinonin. Dolgrim’s expertise has kept the project on track and allowed for an amazing rate of progress over the past 12 years. Quiray has been insturmental in bringing in private donations for the wall which have funded an amazing 40% of its construction, leaving Lumingaard paying the remaining 60%.

The Lord Knight in charge of Lumingaard is Lord Palance Skyshard, a member of the Knights Lumina.



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