Major and Minor Plot Points

This has been a long campaign with a lot of interconnections and moving parts and more than its share of mysteries. As we discovered on the November 16 2014 session, some of these critical plot points get missed or lost or forgotten. This site is dedicated to documenting those major plots for player reference. I figured it may make things a little easier. When a plot point gets added, it can be placed out here. When one gets completed, it can be crossed out. So, here’s the starting list of plot points:

Major Plot – Luminairre’s Decline

  • The last Empress of the Luminairre bloodline was Empress Lauren Luminairre II. She was slain in combat with Dracnus at the Battle of Broken Spear 83 years ago.
  • The Lord Knights of Luminairre have served as regents for the throne and have managed the Empire since the death of the Empress. Lord Octavian Luminairre has relentlessly sought the last thing he needs to claim the throne – the Empress’s Blessing.
  • Luminairre is currently embroiled in numerous wars and conflicts – the Evan – Meltha War (between Qual-Evan and the hobgoblins of the Dalerisen Meltha), the Reaving War (Old Din’Garreth and New Din’Garreth), and the Trigonum Civil War. Furthermore, the Empire of Luminairre provides protection for Southern Palathia and is aiding with the rising tensions between Davinguard and Endaril and what is starting to be called the Wine Rebellion in Vallisuvas.
  • Four swords of Lord Knights have gone missing and have not returned to the Empire, leading to an imbalance of power within the Council of Lord Knights.
  • The Red Friars, the mysterious guardians of Luminairre, have not been able to keep order as effectively as they have in the past.

Major Plot – The Silent Watcher

  • Rozerus has been relatively silent for years. The Empire of Luminairre is falling apart. The Knighthood of Luminairre is crumbling, and clerics and paladins of Rozerus are not hearing much from him.
  • Some cleric and paladin spells of Rozerus are creating unexpected results.
  • For the most part, paladins of Rozerus do not seem to be losing their powers when they make transgressions against the paladin code. Yet all clerics and paladins still receive their powers and abilities – assumedly from him.
  • All potential Oracles of Rozerus have been hunted down and killed by Kal’Dan’s agents, if information is to be believed.
  • Rozerus is no longer Supreme Commander of Heaven, according to one source.

Major Plot – Kal’Dan’s Proxy

  • More than a decade ago, the seals that bind Kal’Dan were disrupted. The disruption was momentary, and not strong enough to allow Kal’Dan to escape. But it was long enough for him to pull a mortal follower into the prison. The mortal follower conveniently knew when and where to be to cross into the realm, which implies that Kal’Dan was part of the plan to initiate the disruption. A couple seconds of disruption was all that was needed.
  • The prisons of Kal’Dan’s sanctuary and Hell are designed to keep the divine in. Demons and Dark Watchers cannot cross on their own. But mortals easily can. Kal’Dan bestowed a portion of his essence into that one hapless follower and bestowed upon him an artifact of great power to take into Ondoron to further Kal’Dan’s schemes. That follower was able to cross back across the boundary unhindered with a bit of Kal’Dan’s divine power within him. The mortal’s body shielded that spark of Kal’Dan’s divine power, and it was able to escape back into the mortal realm unhindered.
  • That piece of Kal’Dan has been wreaking havoc since then. It is only a small portion of Kal’Dan, but it is still immensely powerful. It adds to the power of the mortal that carries the spark of Kal’Dan’s divine essence considerably. He’s been working to free the entire entity of Kal’Dan from his prison and to permanently demolish the wards that Ral’Tandrack erected to bind him. And in the wake of this shard of his essence has been betrayal, corruption, and death.
  • The essence of Kal’Dan can dominate its host, or it can simply corrupt and influence him or her. Furthermore, the essence is transferable. The original essence was imbued within a moderately powerful cultist of Kal’Dan, but the proxy of Kal’Dan has laid clues out as to who holds the essence. Particularly bright individuals have found it and defeated the current bearer of the essence and taken it for themselves. The holder of the essence does not have to be evil. Nor a follower of Kal’Dan. It could even be a Knight. The essence corrupts the person that holds it over the course of days or weeks, or in some rare cases, months. The end result is the same. Each time the essence is passed, it goes to someone smarter, stronger, and more powerful and dangerous. It makes it difficult to track where Kal’Dan’s proxy is. His original host and four other subsequent hosts are all known to be dead. The forces of Heaven lost track of him after that. And that was years ago.
  • Kal’Dan has been careful in leaving his clues, and they are never the same. When the disruption of the prison occurred, Heaven did not expect a mid-powered thug to hold the essence. By the time Kal’Dan’s presence was detected and the original host was tracked down, he was already dead and the essence had passed to another. Eventually, the trail went cold when those tracking the hosts of Kal’Dan found the corpse of a former bearer but no clue as to who the new possessor was.

Major Plot – The Crown of Kal’Dan

  • Before his imprisonment at the hands of his brother, Kal’Dan was Dread Emperor of Old Din’Garreth and ruled the Dread Lords with an iron fist. As a symbol of his position and authority, Kal’Dan crafted a crown, a scepter, a ring, and a robe. These were known as the Raiment of the Dread Emperor. It is said that during the battle to seal Kal’Dan away, the crown of Kal’Dan made its way to Ondoron before the gates of his arcane sanctuary were sealed. Several Dread Lords were known to bear the crown, and it enhanced their already great powers. But the crown disappeared after the Seventh Crusade of the Church of Romd.
  • For thousands of years the crown remained lost until it re-emerged in the hands of a Knight of Luminairre named Theros Atratheon. The Knight had picked it up while in the Blood Plains. The crown gave Theros great powers and allowed him to raise an army of undead in no time at all. Afflicted by madness from his experiences on the Blood Plains and the influence of the crown, Theros slaughtered the mighty Atretheon line and took over rulership of Messis Amaro county in Trigonum. Only one young member of the Atretheon line survived the purge – Angelo Atretheon. This was known as the Rebellion of Theros.
  • In the darkest hour of the Rebellion of Theros, a mysterious warrior arrived on the battlefield and struck the killing blow against the crowned tyrant. The mysterious warrior Aegeus attempted to claim the crown, but hesitated a moment too long. A trusted lieutenant of Theros grabbed the crown, taking the name of the Reaper, and setting off years of epic struggle between Aegeus and the Reaper that bards have been telling for years.
  • Aegeus was slain defending the town of Fellgate from the Reaper. What happened to the Reaper is unknown, but the crown vanished after that. While the crown of Kal’Dan is not the Source, it is believed that if the crown made its way back to the proxy of Kal’Dan, it would increase the proxy’s power considerably.

Major Plot – The Source of Kal’Dan

  • It is believed that Kal’Dan sent an artifact of immense power to Ondoron with his proxy. That item is believed to have been placed within The Monastery of the Inner Eye. The Source of Kal’Dan has been growing in strength, and all of Trigonum has felt its corrupting power. The influence of the artifact has been corrupting people slowly and subtly for years, increasing paranoia and leading to war and death and destruction. The closer one gets to the Source of Kal’Dan, the stronger the influence of the artifact gets.

Major Plot – The Elder Evils

  • There exist beings beyond the edge of reality that are as old or older than Ondora herself. These creatures screamed in rage when light was first cast out into the void of existence and sought nothing more than the destruction of the order that was being placed into the chaos and the extinguishing of the light. These elder evils were pushed to the edge of reality, but could not truly be destroyed. And so they cast themselves at the borders of reality, seeking ways to enter creation and restore it to the void it once was.
  • These beings can challenge the gods and may be gods themselves. Their powers seem to feed off divine energy, and turn divine power sources against themselves.
  • Kal’Dan Melir schemed to bring some of these creatures to Ondoron. He allowed a few agents to get into reality, and in exchange they would help free him from his prison.
  • Klintendekkerdor is in charge of keeping the threat of the Elder Evils under control. His tech can affect them, and he can wipe them all out. Unfortunately, it would also kill 80% of life on Ondoron to do so.
  • The bow Bratirion was brought out and given to a hero that had been written out of fate. This hero had the best chance of destroying or driving out the Elder Evils before Klint had to take drastic actions.
  • The Elder Evils that are on the plane of Ondoron seek a way to open a gate to bring the others into this reality.
  • The Watchers are busy combating this threat. It is known to the party that Dracnus has been at the center of the defense efforts.

(More to come)

Major and Minor Plot Points

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