Mythic Feats of Ondoron

The following list of mythic feats are either unique to Ondoron or have been modified to fit Ondoron rules or cosmology. When in conflict with another source, the rules listed here should be used.

Mythic Leadership

Even other mythic heroes choose to follow you.

Prerequisites: Leadership feat, character level 7, 2nd mythic tier.

Benefit(s): Add your mythic tier to your leadership score.

The cohort you gain from the Leadership feat is a mythic character with a mythic tier equal to 1.

Once you reach 4th mythic tier, the cohort you gain from the Leadership feat advances to mythic tier 2. Every two tiers beyond 4th that you advance, your cohort gains another tier. A cohort’s mythic tier can never be greater than 1/2 the leader’s own mythic tier.

If you are of the 5th or greater mythic tier, your 10 highest level followers are also 1st mythic tier.

Note: Mythic Leadership has been modified to fit Ondoron cosmology/dynamics.

Mythic Feats of Ondoron

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