The Pantheon of Ondoron (version 3.5)

In the beginning, there was but one goddess, and that goddess was named Ondora, and Ondora created the world named in her honor. On that fact, all the civilized world agrees. What happened to her after that, and path between the one goddess and the many gods and goddess that now oversee Ondoron is a matter of much debate. It isn’t that nobody has an answer, its that EVERYONE has an answer and very few of them seem to agree…

In olden times, it was important theologically to distinguish between the one True Goddess, the absent Ondora, and the lesser divinities, which were referred to exclusively as the “Watchers”. However, in modern times, and with the proliferation of clerics operating on behalf of the Watchers, it has become accepted parlance to refer to them as ‘gods’ and ‘goddesses’, on the theory that if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck and grants spells and class abilities to its followers like a duck… then that duck is a god.

Rozerus (LG)
-Portfolio: Wisdom, Knowledge, Prophecy, Justice
-Domains: Good, Knowledge, Law, Inquisition, Mind, Oracle, Retribution, War
-Favored Weapon: Longsword
-Note: Patron of Empire of Luminairre, Rival of Jagdar, mate of Mirala’ana

Mirala’ana (NG)
-Portfolio: Healing, Fertility, Life, Peace, Protection, Marriage
-Domains: Community, Creation, Family, Good, Healing, Purification, Protection, Renewal
-Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
-Note: Mate of Rozerus, Patron of Guist

Lunarus (NG)
-Portfolio: Light, Heroism, Courage, Strength, Fitness, Hope
-Domains: Competition, Courage, Glory, Good, Pride, Protection, Purification, Retribution,
Strength, Sun
-Favored Weapon: Morning Star
-Note: Dead Sexy

Eklaria (CG)
-Portfolio: Music, Joy, Arts, Freedom, Travel, Revelry
-Domains: Celerity, Chaos, Craft, Liberation, Luck, Song, Travel
-Favored Weapon: Rapier
-Note: Patron of the nation of Eklarial

Vagrius (LG)
-Portfolio: Dwarves, Wealth, Craftsmanship, Trade, Creation
-Domains: Cavern, Craft, Creation, Dwarf, Earth, Family, Good, Law, Metal, Pact, Rune, Strength,
Trade, War, Wealth
-Favored Weapon: Battle Aex
-Note: Special patron of the Dwarves

Ral’Tandrack (NG)
-Portfolio: Strategy, Warmagic
-Domains: Courage, Destruction, Force, Magic, Planning, Protection, War
-Favored Weapon: Spear
-Note: The First Warmage, elevated to godhood after the Demon Wars

Vadraco (NG)
-Portfolio: Good Dragons, Hisskarssi
-Domains: Air, Dragon, Fire, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Mind, Protection, Scalykind, Strength,
-Favored Weapon: Claw

Narola (TN)
-Portfolio: Magic, Nature, Seasons, Woodlands, Agriculture
-Domains: Animal, Creation, Earth, Magic, Ocean, Plant, Spell
-Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Romd (AL)
-Portfolio: Death, Fate, Time
-Domains: Balance, Death, Fate, Glory, Inquisition, Knowledge, Law, Pact, Repose, Time
-Favored Weapon: Scythe
-Note: Church of Romd

Klinendekkerdor (CN)
-Portfolio: Gnomes, Luck, Chaos, Wit, Humor, Shapeshifters
-Domains: Chaos, Gnome, Luck, Illusion, Travel, Trickery
-Favored Weapon: Short Sword
-Note: A Gnome elevated to godhood after aiding the gods in the Insurrection of Heaven

Agaltha (CN)
-Portfolio: Winds, Archery, Oceans, Hunting, Elves
-Domains: Air, Animal, Elf, Storm, Travel, Water, Windstorm
-Favored Weapon: Composite Longbow

Dreyarmon (LN)
-Portfolio: Rulership, Nobility, Diplomacy, Intrigue, Pride
-Domains: Community, Knowledge, Law, Nobility, Pride, Protection, Strength, Wealth
-Favored Weapon: Mace

Kuraia (TN)
-Portfolio: Shadows, Secrets, Dusk Dragons, Martial Arts, Guardians
-Domains: Balance, Celerity, Mentalism, Moon, Shadow, Trickery
-Favored Weapon: Sai

Jagdar (LE)
-Domains: Dark Elf, Destruction, Domination, Fire, Law, Pact, Retribution, Strength, Tyranny
War, Wrath
-Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword
-Note: Patron of the Dark Elves, Led the Insurrection of Heaven, Rival of Rozerus

Ylchia (CE)
-Portfolio: Darkness, Lies, Lust, Greed, Snakes, Scheming
-Domains: Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Envy, Evil, Greed, Illusion, Luck, Lust, Trickery, Wealth
-Favored Weapon: Whip

Dyradak (NE)
-Portfolio: Undeath, Suffering, Hatred, Disease, Murder, Hunger, Terror
-Domains: Death, Deathbound, Destruction, Envy, Evil, Gluttony, Hatred, Hunger, Pestilence
Suffering, Terror, Undeath, Wrath
-Favored Weapon: Dire Flail
-Note: Rival of Romd

Bratirus (NE)
-Portfolio: Lightning, Destruction, Slaughter
-Domains: Air, Celerity, Destruction, Evil, Lightning, Travel
-Favored Weapon: Spear
-Note: Twin of Trabirus

Trabirus (CE)
-Portfolio: Madness, Storms, Seas
-Domains: Air, Chaos, Madness, Ocean, Storm, Water, Windstorm
-Favored Weapon: Warhammer
-Note: Twin of Bratirus

Klandrin (NE)
-Portfolio: Evil Shapeshifters, Deception, Secrets, Discord
-Domains: Animal, Hunger, Knowledge, Trickery
-Favored Weapon: Dagger

Mithos Ironhorn (CE)
-Portfolio: Minotaurs, Barbarians, Conquest, Strength, Rage
-Domains: Chaos, Cavern, Competition, Hatred, Pride, Retribution, Strength, War, Wrath
-Favored Weapon: Greataxe

Kal’Dan Melir (NE)
-Portfolio: Dark Magic, Betrayal
-Domains: Destruction, Evil, Envy, Force, Magic, Rune, Trickery
-Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Blackfang the Marauder (CE)
-Portfolio: Evil Dragons, Destruction, Saurskathi
-Domains: Chaos, Cold, Destruction, Dragon, Evil, Fire, Greed, Lightning, Scalykind, Strength
-Favored Weapon: Fang

Winter Queen (NE)
-Portfolio: Cold, Evil Fey, Ice, Night, Winter
-Domains: Air, Charm, Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War, Weather
-Favored Weapon: ?

The Void (CE)
-Portfolio: Anti-magic, Genocide

The Khuranian Barbarians have their own Pantheon, but little is known of their savage and mysterious gods.
-Ursaan the Mighty, Zo’ar the Sky Father, Sher’khul the Hunter, Xantu the Wise, Ivorum the Noble, Anthassiss the Deceiver, Zephneeri the Swift, Kalos the Destroyer, Megalos the Relentless, Chasaan the Clever, Nibbet the Betrayer, Lochnar the Fury, Tanaka Lord of Thunder, Sindal the Proud, Cruux the Patient, Daloon the Blood Rage, Farlon the Gentle, Xenaste the All-seeing Terror, Kragnos the Soul-Captor,


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