The Silver Elves first discovered that their inherent magical abilities were tied to the Silver Woods after the first colonists they had sent to the mainland found themselves born magic-less after a few generations away from the Silver Woods. The Silver Elves found themselves torn between pity for their “fallen” cousins and shame at the existence of elves without inborn magical power. In response, they stopped all foreign colonization and left their cousins on the mainland to fend for themselves.

Those on the mainland, however, reveled in their new-found freedom. They were no longer destined to be sorcerers; instead, they could truly be anything they wanted to be. The scattered colonies banded together and called their new nation Qual-Evan, “Land of Freedom”.

Those Eldar, as the new elves came to be called, decided to approach magic from a new standpoint. As they were not born with it, they did not take magic for granted. Instead, they pushed at the limits of what magic could could do, categorizing it and leaving records of their successes and failures for future generations to build off of. Within only a couple of their own generations, they had discovered power that rivaled that of their cousins in the Silver Woods, and did so in a way far more flexible than their sorcerous ancestors could ever hope to imagine. They had created the science of wizardry, and any mortal with the will to learn could grasp it.

This placed them at odds with their Silver Elven cousins, who viewed magic as a noble birthright. The Silver Elven leadership all but demanded that the Eldar cease the pursuit of wizardry and accept the loss of magic as punishment for their impurity. The Eldar response could hardly be called acquiescence; the new elves decried their Silver Elven cousins for their closed-minded elitism, and cut off relations with the Silver Woods.

In the later years of the Hisskarssi Imperium, the Eldar of Qual-Evan intervened on the side of the downtrodden human slaves, training them in wizardry. With their new abilities, the humans were finally able to overcome the tyrannical Hisskarssi Imperium and send the Hisskarssi into a slow decline they are still reeling from in the present day. The humans, ever grateful to the Eldar for their help, settled the lands close to Qual-Evan and maintained good ties with them for millennia, ties that in many cases still exist, and led to the formation of the kingdom of Davinguard.

The Eldar fought alongside their Silver Elven cousins as well as their human allies in the Demon Wars, and have fought a nearly constant battle against the orcs of the Blood Plains as part of the Shield Alliance. In recent years, though, they have been under attack from the Dalerians of Dalerisen-Meltha, and their forces are being stretched thin, even with the assistance of Knights from their long-time ally, the Luminairre Empire.



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