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Session 70:
“We are in the beat box. Can’t get out until you beat it.” – Chris about Ondoron

“For Thaumaturgy!” – Jesse

“Did we poop?” – Jesse as Scott walked back downstairs.

“Apparently Lava Ape does it for me” -More than we need to know about Jon

West Party 3 -
“Is it going to mouthbreathe on us again?” -Karin (about a Gorgon)

“You pull it out. Its slightly wet.” -Scott (about Jesse’s Mace)

Session 39 -
“He recognizes a kindred spirit of destruction…” -Scott (about Dragon)

Session 35-
“And if you think Destiny cares about your personal dignity then you haven’t been paying attention” -Jesse

“I don’t stand in the beargrass because I don’t want to get eaten..” -Jon (Talking about patches of ‘bare grass’)

Session 34-
“does a 22…?” -Scott
[Interrupted by Jarrod’s laughter]
“How about a 29?” -Scott
“Who do you think I am, Dusan?” -Jarrod

STOP DRINKING OUR TREASURE, YOU ASSHATS!” -Chris (as lizard men keep drinking potions)

“Why didn’t we get you actual pants?” -Jon

“Jarrod, the Staff loves you…” -Jon
“That’s good because I need a lot of love.” -Jarrod

“Do not be joining the pain-a-pede…” Jesse to Jon

Session 33-
“Yes, yes, I said taking up the rear sigh” -Susan

“You feel afraid.” -Scott
“No I don’t.” -Susan
“You do, like what you feel when you face a dragon. A feeling of apprehension, a little nervous but then it goes away.” -Scott
“Just the tip. You just feel the tip of fear.” -Chris

“Did it break its little thingie on your armor?”
“I knew what that was when it came out of my mouth.” -Susan, both

“He’s sucking on Dusan” -Scott
“I pull out my wand and…” -Jesse
“I’m getting disturbed. One of them is sucking on Dusan, Simon is pulling out his wand…” -Susan
“I’m getting excited!” – Chris

Session 32 –
“Does Wren sit on the egg? Keep it warm?” -Jon
“In his defense we were all gonna ask that, he just beat us on initiative.” -Jesse

“What do you have that’s shiny?” -Scott
“Disappointment.” -Jarrod
“Butt Stallion.” -Dusan

“Fuck Simon. He can die alone.” – Susan
“Finally! You’re on the same page as the rest of the party.” – Chris

“Do I hear the rape whistle?” -Jesse

Session 31 –
“We were talking about whoring Wren out so we sent Cassandra upstairs.” -Susan
“Yeah, I know, Cassandra said ‘I got sent upstairs because they were having adult talk. But I don’t know why, I wasn’t going to do anything.’” -Trina

“Well alright if we’re changing the plan I’m gonna go put clothes on,” – Wren
After Wren leaves, “Why! WHY! did you have to talk her out of that plan?!” – Dusan to Takeo

Session 30 –
“I would recommend taking on the dragon right now.” Scott, super seriously after discovering the Caiden has a total of 12 hit points after taking Con damage.

“I should roll all my dice into my crotch.” – Jesse, not Susan

Session 29 -
“Do not double dip or I will spank you!”
“…on the nose!” -both Susan

“Your horse is going to die” -Jon
“Have you named it yet?” -Jesse
“Fodder?” -Jon
“It’s called ‘My Romance With Dusan’” -Susan
“So it’ll never die it’ll just sicken horribly..?” -Scott

“It’s Holy Week, I’m violent”
“Its HOLY WEEK! It’s a miracle I’m sober, people!”
“It’s Holy week, don’t make me hurt you”
-All Susan

Session 28 -
“Are you a lycanthrope? Did Sprocket bite you?” -Jon
“Yeah, she’s were-plot..” -Chris
“Oh no! Rabid wereplot, she’s going to plot all over your face!” -Jarrod

Session 27 -
“Ooo! I like moaning.” -Susan

“Dusan knows what Derek’s voice sounds like when he’s hoarse and yelling” -Chris
“I don’t want to know how he knows that…” -Susan
“He’s pretty bi for a paladin guy.” -Scott

“A Shit-load of zombies!” -Chris
“You know, I’m pretty sure that’s a technical term in Necromancy…” -Jesse
“So What? It wasn’t enough to raise one deuce of zombies? You had to raise another deuce of zombies? Wait, do you raise a deuce of zombies or drop a deuce of zombies?” -Chris
“No, she raises a deuce of zombies. He (pointing to Jon) drops a deuce…” -Jesse

Session 26 -
“That was not at all refreshing.” – Jarrod’s character upon being slapped awake.
“That’s because you didn’t pay” -Chris

“What is Wren going to do in the dark?” -Scott
“She’s going to reach out and touch someone.” -Susan

“Oh look, Mike has been trying to talk to me, under the table. And I’ve been ignoring him, because he’s under the table.” -Susan

“No, dammit. I discharged my ray over his head. That’s technical.” -Jesse

“We’re both reduced to just using our wands in the darkness.” -Chris to Jesse

Session 23 -
“Deputy Warden knows how to get ahold of me” -Chris
“I hate these boys, I’m not in the club? Because I don’t have a penis” -Susan
" ‘Club’ is a code word for penis" -Jesse

Have Yourself a Yeti Little Christmas -
“Mammoth in a tree”

Session 21 –
“Hobbing, Hob!” – Jesse
“You know you’re 35 years-old. You are allowed to use actual swear words.” – Susan
“But that’s a swear word I made up!” – Jesse
“It’s pretty lame.” – Susan

“But it’s my job to earn their hate!” – Chris whining
“You’ve earned more than your share of hate. Share with Jarrod.” – Susan
Chris makes pathetic Beaker-like noises.

“Oh look Simon is talking and I almost fell asleep. Big surprise.” – Chris

Session 20 -
“Ow! I hit a sheep!” -Susan

“The four means its forty feet up. Here I’ll turn it to face you!” -Scott, cheerfully

“Huh. That’s convenient.” -Priest of Romd, just as Chris’s character falls in front of their temple.

Session 19 -
“No, no its Luminairre. Its an Exalted State of Denial…” -Chris

“No, I can’t go anywhere without my seeing eye dogs…” -Jon
“So, buy a gnome.” -Jesse

“Tell them I want to see him.” -Susan (in character)
“But he can’t see you.” -Mike (See its funny, ‘cause Simon’s got no eyes)

Session 18 -
“Its pronounced BOOMknock” -Jarrod
“Give me the love… Give me the love NOW!” -Jesse, to Jon
“I smell villainy!!!” -Chris

Session 17 –
“Okay that doesn’t hit, unless she’s bound and naked and…” Scott
“Well, now that you mention it…” Susan
“Tell me more about that.” Chris

“I leave faith to the professionals.” Simon

Session 16 -
Wren, after drinking whiskey for the first time: “I think my chest is on fire!”
Dusan: “It’s not, trust me. I’ve been paying very close attention to your chest, and it is definitely not on fire.”

Session 15 -
“All of that was not what was running through my head” “That’s because you’re sane” -Trina, Scott

“Its not my fault, I’m committing justice” -Jarrod

“You’re an asshole Scott. I love you for it dude, but you’re an asshole.” -Jon

“Good news. Solved your boy problem.” “Not speaking to you anymore.” – Scott, Susan over google chat

Wren’s side quest –
“We’re going boar hunting?!” – Wren
“No. You’re going boar hunting. I’m gonna watch… and possibly point and laugh.” – Ser Titus

Session 14 -
“The inn is burnt down. Do we know where Wren is?” -Jon

“Why are we sending someone down in the well?” “Because we’re morons.” -Trina, Jesse

“Because when you’re in a room with Zombie Owlbears, they’re not the ones who are surprised” -Jesse

Session 13-
Simon- “Different people have different callings.”
Caiden- “…so, what’s yours?”
Simon- “Dying at an incredibly old age.”

Simon- “Caiden is having visual acuity problems… you know, other than the obvious.”

Jesse- "Are you kidding? ‘Ride it like a rental’ should be on his business card.
Trina- “What was that? ‘Ride me because I’m a rental?’”

Session 12-

“la La LAAAAAGhhhh!!!” -Wren falling off a Ladder

Session 11-
“Ondoron knows me” Jesse
“Knows he’s a good time on a Saturday night” Chris
“He never says no… and he does the weird stuff.” Scott

Session 10-

“Ride it like its a rental!” -Jarrod

Session 9-

“Right, I forgot that I game with twelve year old boys!” -Susan

“She doesn’t want her man meat smelling!” -Jon

“Admittedly our ‘Help, our inn is on fire’ training program is a bit lacking…” Scott as ‘Warden Saber Voltarus’ of the Knights of Luminairre

Session 8-

“This is why wizards turn evil all the time. Because having a conscience keeps us from getting our eight hours of beauty sleep.”- Jesse

“There is anti-paladin. From what I’ve seen, its basically reverse-paladin.”- Scott; “Hey! I know that position!”- Chris

“As I rise majestically from the herd of goats” – Jesse at the Desert Giant encampment


Quote Wall

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