Rule Update August 2014

The following rule changes are in effect as of 8/16/14 (unless otherwise specified):

Level Cap – This was announced earlier, but placed here for re-emphasis. Characters are limited in advancement to 20th level at this time. No Epic Level advancement/epic feats will be happening in this campaign. Mythic advancement will be taking the place of Epic levels.

Upon reaching 20th level, a PC will continue to gain XP. This XP may be used to create magic items, upgrade legendary items, or for bragging rights. If it is decided at a later date that Epic Level advancement will be allowed, characters will immediately level to the appropriate Epic level.

Mythic advancement does not depend on experience points, so even when maxing out on normal levels the PCs will have something to work towards and a way to grow stronger. It should be noted that for every 2 mythic tiers the character has, they are considered a character level higher in terms of CR they can take on. So a 20th level character with a mythic rank of 10 would effectively be a 25th level character.

There are numberous reasons I’m making this call. It’s partly due to Pathfinder XP being wacky, and I don’t want to figure out the XP needed for epic progression. It’s also partly because mythic advancement added to epic level characters would promptly make them out of control. From what I’ve read thus far, mythic seems to be cool enough. And you don’t necessarily have to wait until 20th level to start enjoying the benefits.

So if you have your character career path mapped out to level 25 or 30 or so, you might want to start deciding where to make some cuts.

“Lord Knight of Luminairre” Mythic Prestige Class – Lord Knight of Luminairre will change from it’s current form as an Epic Prestige Class to a Mythic Prestige Class. You will no longer need to be at least level 21 to qualify, but you will need to have a certain Mythic Tier prerequisite in addition to some normal base skill and feat prerequisites. More details on those requirements will be coming soon.

Action Points Retiring for PCs – The survey results are in from all but one person, and the overwhelming majority of people are okay with removing Action Points from the game. The addition of Mythic Surge makes Action Points fairly obsolete. There will be less paperwork for everyone. A reward will be given to compensate for this lost ability. Stay tuned for more details.

Important Note: PCs that do not have any Mythic Tiers may continue to use Action Points as normal until they become mythic characters. Upon gaining their first mythic rank, Action Point access shall go away and the PC will receive the promised reward.

New Program – Game Expansion Credit – The people have spoken, and I have listened. I am introducing the Game Expansion Credit as a method of allowing PCs more opportunity to earn Character Points. If a player adds a new NPC/nation/location/organization description on Obsidian Portal, he or she is eligible to receive a Character Point. No more than 1 Character Points can be earned in this manner per month.

The rules here are as follows: The player should check with me before adding the NPC/nation/location/organization to make sure it qualifies for the credit (or if I even allow said NPC/location/organization etc to exist at all. All approved entries should have at least a couple paragraphs of information. The GM gets final approval of the entry and shall award the Character Point when he is satisfied that the entry meets the spirit of this contest.

Don’t know the world well enough? Not creative enough to come up with your own entries? I have a backlog of NPCs/locations/etc that need to be entered. Contact me, and I’ll assign you a couple of my backlog items to put up. I’ll even provide you with notes to use.

I think this program will benefit everyone. It expands the world and allows the information to be easily accessible, and it also gives PCs opportunities to earn up to 12 Character Points a year. It benefits me by taking some things off of my own backlog.

If the program goes over well, I may expand it further.

Legendary Cohorts – I’ve been struggling a little with cohorts. While they are fun and interesting, they won’t be able to keep up with Mythic PCs. At the same time, allowing cohorts to go Mythic would both add more paperwork headaches and make the party virtually unstoppable.

My solution that I’m going to test out is the concept of “Legendary Cohorts”. Each cohort will have a static power that will be a significant boon to the group. The power will be based upon the cohort, his class, or his role. It makes cohorts extremely useful and important even if they can’t keep up in combat. PCs get a big bonus for bringing them along, but the cohort may be at high risk.

Cohort Cap – Even before my announcement of Legendary Cohorts above, there were 5 people that were either planning on taking cohorts or already have one. And I have not yet heard from the 6th person.

Having cohorts is a lot of fun, but with 6 PCs with up to 6 cohorts running around combat rounds will take forever. And I like having at least some of my sanity.

Therefore, I’m instituting a cap on cohorts allowed to adventure in the party at any given time. It’s up to the group to determine who comes and who stays. But just because a cohort doesn’t come doesn’t mean they are worthless. Which brings us to….

Cohort Teams – Cohorts have a lot of utility. When not traveling with the party, they can gather resources or secure strongholds held by the party or handle normal day-to-day administration. But I think they should be capable of more.

The party has always had an overwhelming amount of things to do, and limited time to do it. Sometimes they have had to choose which evil to stop. But cohorts should be able to help with that.

Have two objectives, but can’t be in two places at the same time? Send a team of cohorts to do it. World on fire but you really need a couple of days to finish bonding with your legendary item or research a spell? Or maybe you just want a few days to catch your breath. The cohort team is what you need.

It works something like this:

1) Choose a mission for your cohorts to go on.
2) Pick which cohorts go on the mission.
3) I assign a difficulty for the mission.
4) Cohorts have a base chance to succeed in the mission. Chances increase with giving them extra time to complete their mission or providing them with capital to work with.
5) Cohorts succeed or fail in the task and return.
6) Victory results in cohorts bringing back capital (treasure) and removing a vital task to do from the list. They may also come back with additional plot which will open up new opportunities.
7) Failure results in the loss of half of the invested capital, possible cohort injury, as well as possible plot ramifications (just as if the PCs had failed at the mission or let it proceed on its own). Really not much worse than if the PCs themselves had failed at it.

It should be noted that Cohorts will not have a chance at being killed on a mission unless you do something really dumb with them. Send them to assassinate Dracnus? Yeah…. at least half of them aren’t coming back alive. And none of them will come back successful.

It should also be noted that, given enough time, the cohort team is virtually guaranteed to succeed at their task.

Use them well, and cohort teams will be a big boost and free up some time and resources. It may even build up some resources.

Rule Update August 2014

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