Trigonum. So many Knights, orcs, elves, half-elves, and mercenaries have died here that death has marred the landscape. Only the eastern sliver of Trigonum can bear crops; the rest is lifeless, fallow.

Lord Knight Octavian Luminairre of the Knights Crusader technically rules Trigonum from the fortress of Cor Draconis. In reality, Trigonum is ruled by Duke Ashlane while Lord Octavian continues to pursue his quest for Lauren’s Blade.

The counties of Trigonum are:

Aurea Mare
Draco Nidum
Maledictus Petram
Maris Sanguis
Messis Amaro
Rubrum Aestus

Some points of interest in Trigonum are:

Blood Crystal Mines
Citadel of Martyrs
Cor Draconis
Darkling Wood
Darkstar Castle
Dragon Mountain
Hisskarssi Ruins
Monastery of the Inner Eye
Montus Adamant
Tomb of Ragnaron
Trigonum Temple of the Three
The Barrowlands

Here is the currently known timeline for the recent troubles in Trigonum.

A directory of distances between the major cities/fortresses of Trigonum (Imperial Highway):

Aurenia to Ashwick border: 98 miles
Aurenia to Cor Draconis: 175 miles
Aurenia to Cor Ferria: 190 miles
Aurenia to Istaran: 164 miles
Aurenia to Redwall: 120 miles
Cor Draconis to Cor Ferria: 73 miles
Cor Draconis to Darkstar Castle: 65 miles
Cor Draconis to Montus Adamant: 79 miles
Cor Draconis to the Orc Fork (Border with Blood Plains): 99 miles
Cor Draconis to Redwall: 89 miles
Cor Ferria to Darkstar Castle: 131 miles
Cor Ferria to Istaran: 124 miles
Cor Ferria to Redwall: 93 miles
Darkstar Castle to Blood Plains Border: 50 miles
Darkstar Castle to Montus Adamant: 114 miles
Montus Adamant to Blood Plains Border: 62 miles

Epic Event: Siege of Aurenia

The shadow of Kal’Dan’s influence hangs over Trigonum, tainting the populace of the county and crushing the wills and unity of its citizens. The power of Kal’Dan’s influence grows stronger the closer one gets to the source.

Curse of Kal’Dan Outside of Trigonum
Curse of Kal’Dan in Trigonum
Curse of Kal’Dan in Wayreach
Curse of Kal’Dan at the Monastery of the Inner Eye
Curse of Kal’Dan at the Monastery of the Inner Eye Inner Sanctum

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