Act I Visions

Third Session (5/20)

….A crown of ice is hurled against a mirror, shattering the glass
into thousands of fragments….

….A panther stands over a prone night, lapping up blood from the
fallen man’s chest that is quickly changing the fallen Knight’s tabard
from green to black….

….The sun shines down in a courtyard filled with people. Children
race around the bushes playing tag and other childrens games. Adults
sit on stone benches or at stone tables visiting and laughing merrily.
From the vision’s perspective, you stand above the courtyard
observing from a window. Without warning, a black velvet curtain
slides rapidly shut, cutting off the sunlight abruptly and leaving you
in absolute darkness. In the moment that follows, screams of terror
begin from the courtyard. Above it all, a high-pitched terrible
shriek that sends chills down the spine echoes from beyond the

….A Knight with bandages over his eyes holds the hand of a Knight
with uninjured eyes and leads him across a meadow of blood grass….

….A sword has been jammed blade down into the top of a rocky hill.
The hill is littered with corpses, some have been horribly burned,
some filled with arrows, some appear to have been drowned or cut down
or strangled. As you watch, an armored figure struggles to make the
ascent. There is a flash of light and the body is blasted back,
tumbling down the hill and lying still against a rock near the bottom.
A rusted shield rests against the blade at the top of the hill….

…Winged skulls fly through the night sky, blotting out a blood red moon…

…A woman in white stands within a circle of candles. Several of the
candles have gone out, and as you watch another is extinguished. The
darkness grows twofold and the flames of the other candles begin to

…Two armored warriors clash in a rose garden. Each has a red rose
pinned to his surcoat. As the warriors battle, the roses are
relentlessly crushed beneath their feet…

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