Xethis has the unique honor of being the longest lasting human civilization since their freedom from the Hisskarssi Empire. Other than a brief interregnum during the height of Verith Nuul, Xethis has remained intact through the Insurrection of Heaven, the Demon Wars, various Dark Elven invasions, on-and-off again wars with Ramildar, and the return of Dracnus.

The Xethans are led by their Sun-King, who they believe to be an avatar of Lunarus. Indeed, it seems the land itself is blessed by Lunarus. The sun seems to shine more brightly here than anywhere else in the known world, and it is the last place the sun is seen every day when it sets in the east.

While the earliest Sun-Kings sought to embody the aspects of Lunarus (strength of body and heart, courageous leaders), the Sun-Kings after the Demon War have all been powerful divine casters. All are treated with the respect due to an avatar of a deity after death. They are mummified and grand geometric sculptures erected for their tombs. Pyramids and Obelisks depicting the Sun-Kings of old scatter the Xethan landscape, for it is thought that, even in death, the Sun Kings ward off the servants of Darkness.

Their paved streets glitter with limestone bricks, and their city plazas are filled with sanctified fountains and olympian statues of heroes past.

They export beautiful golden sculptures, geometric mosaics, limestone, quartz, and gems through Kaerthal, in return for iron, livestock, and lumber.



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