Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Ritual to restore Duke Ashlane

The group returned to Phoenix to gather resources and to try to find someone able to cast the Miracle needed to get on to the demi-plane. After selling a few items and a little collection plate work we were able to gather the cash and other materials needed for the ritual. During that time, Dusan visited his estates to check in. Also Malena and Simon undertook a remarkable task to save Wren’s life.

Materials and cost in hand the group set about finding a cleric of Mir’alana that was able to cast the miracle. Pulling the cleric off of the front lines of the conflict was not the easiest of processes but was able to be accomplished. After some Simon Teleports the group was back in the Fortress of Animus. After a night’s rest and some recuperation for our erstwhile cleric we were able to talk to the draconic protector and obtain a scale and the portkey.

From there we transported to the demi-plane with the healing waters. We gathered enough for both Duke Ashlane as well as some extra for our cleric to use. After some negotiation with the dragon the portkey will be secured in the citadel at Cor Draconis under the protection of the Hiskarssii.

The group returned to Cor Draconis and found a room within the citadel to do the ritual with some interesting possibilities. The ritual was prepared for and Lady Fireborn and a group of clerics were gathered to perform the healing ritual which was successful.

The portkey was secured in the temple within the citadel under guard of several golems.

With Duke Ashlane recovering the party plots its next moves.



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