Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 27

Module S3-1: Return to Revenant Keep- Part 4

Greenleaf 35 – the day that never ends!

So we went back into the room of darkness. This time Simon cast Daylight and that made it possible for most of the party (except Wren) to see (either because of racial abilities or because of Dark Vision). We made it to a larger room where we found Corpsecrafter and her pet zombies. While we were fighting her, Stalker and Slayer came up behind us. So we fought the zombies (who explode when you kill them) and the assassins used us as pin cushions. Takeo got taken over by some sort of spell that made him attack randomly. The only good news was that Corpsecrafter bailed when Stalker and his darkness made it so she couldn’t see. Still we’re taking major hits and if we survive it’s gonna be close.

Then all of a sudden Rashid comes in and tells his minions to stand down. Then he tells us if we’ll gather in the center of the room he will negotiate with us. We gather and he offers to take one of us in another room to negotiate terms. Both Caiden and Dusan seem likely choices, but Caiden is told it isn’t his place. So Dusan goes into a room with Rashid and the rest of the party is told to stay behind. We are warned that any action will negate the truce and result in the immediate death of Derek, Will and Dusan. Rashid and Dusan disappear behind an energy field.

A few tense moments pass and suddenly the energy field disappears and the party immediately rushes into the room. There we find Derek (recently released and trying to stand), Dusan (facing a shocked Rashid) and Will (who has apparently used his smite ability to bite the hand off of one of Rashid’s lackeys). Rashid is clearly amazed that we’ve been able to get into the room. Tumbler convinces Rashid it’s time to retreat and they are gone before we have a chance to stop them.

The good news: The entire party survived! Will and Derek are both alive!

The bad news: We’re still in Revenant Keep. We don’t know what happened to the other knights that were taken with Will & Derek. We have 2 horses and have expended most of our spells and resources.

The plan: Get back to Phoenix!


“Seriously I could have been at a funeral today. That would have been way more fun than this has been!”

Session 27

-We’re still in Revenant Keep, we don’t know what happened to the other knights that were taken with Will & Derek, we have 2 horses, we’ve expended most of our spells and resources, its dark, and the wizard is out of wine.

-Hit it.

Session 27

LOL! Nicely said Chris.

Session 27

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