Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 42 (Northern Team)

That could have gone better...

Simon, Wren, ARIC and Caiden headed out north to Messis Amaro. Night one went well, idle chit-chat, general bonding, all the things adventurers should have. Day two was good, but that evening, dark things were in the works that we had no knowledge of.

That night, orcs bearing the mark of the black hammer. One carried an amulet that glowed and spoke in orcish that Caiden was the target. Their others in place, the trap was sprung. With Simon and Wren asleep, it was up to Caiden and ARIC to defend. Their numbers were far more than us and were able to surround us before we could setup any defenses.

Simon was forced to stay the ground and Wren was able to get up but never got a chance to fire before a dire wolf attacked her and put her on the ground again. Caiden did what he could but ended up having to get pushed back just to stay alive. ARIC fought hard and was able to wound a great many of them, but they swarmed him fast.

Wren and Simon took far to many blows, and the last thing Caiden saw was the meaty arms of the orcs hacking away at his friends. Thinking them dead, he got on his horse and ran for it. The shock of it all preventing him from coming to terms with what actually happened.

With a dire wolf at the heels of his horse, Caiden rode until the sun came up. Luckily the wolf left him alone after some time, but it still left him quite alone.

While Caiden ran, Wren yet lived and Bratirion was able to call out to ARIC to let him know. Forgoing any further attacks, ARIC ran to her, picked her up, and ran.

Simon, also somehow still alive, was taken captive by the orcs. After waking, being questioned, and managing to get more information from them then they did of him, Simon made his escape.

Caiden found himself alone but knew he had to make sure the outcome of those he swore to protect. He donned the look of a grizzled veteran and found a small farm and asked for the nearest town. One to rest, restock as needed before heading back to the attack site. After sharing a meal with the woman, he was told that Carolis was nearby. After thanking her, he made his way there.

Caiden made it to the town, found a room and relaxed. While eating, he caught word that two strangers made it to town, strangers that sounded like Wren and ARIC. Caiden quickly made his way to the temple and was relieved to find it was indeed them. After bringing Wren back up to full, he breathed a bit easier.

That night, Wren got word from her trainer that Simon was alive. So, for as poorly as it went, at least they all walked away from it…somehow…

[Simon’s version: After being almost killed, Simon was taken prisoner by the Orcs, who thought to use him as a hostage to trade for Caiden, the true target of their attack. After convincing them that he really didn’t know where Caiden had gone (which was true), and completely sabotaging the ransom note that they had him write, thanks to the Orcs being illiterate, Simon got to talking with them.

Turns out the Orcs served one of the Black Dragons in the Blood Plains, and that Something was killing those Black Dragons and taking their power. The black dragons and other powerful denizens were fleeing the terror of the Blood Plains, which explains some of your encounters with black dragons and lizard folk so far into Luminairre. Their own master had been gravely wounded and the Dragons had told them that Caiden was a special healer. It should be noted, however, that the orcs did not say their master was struck down by this terror in the Blood Plains was the source of the dragon’s injury.

Waiting for the Orcs to go out on patrol, Simon used a series of spells (Suggestion, Charm Person, Reduce Person, Cat’s Grace, Fireball and Rope Trick) to escape and started out to find his party again. A final sending from Moira confirmed to him that they were alive, although, as of that moment he didn’t know where he was himself…]



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