Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 42 (Western Team)

On making it past the border into Maledictus Petram, Dusan ordered the five mounted mercenaries back to Markess Barony to “keep the roads clear”. Given that it hadn’t been that long since a freaking hydra was seen in that land, his orders weren’t entirely unnecessary. In reality, there was going to be no good way to convince them to stay with the group after the full moon started to rise.

The group found an abandoned farmhouse off the road not far into the border, with a root cellar and sturdy doors, where they would remain for the five nights of the full moon. Just before sunset each night, Thorn surrendered his equipment and allowed himself to be locked into the cellar.

Other than a few close calls, Thorn was kept from harming others or himself during the nights of the full moon. The days were spent resting and instructing Thorn in the ways of the Knighthood.

During the third night, Takeo, Dusan and Derek were attacked by a group of sticky abominations. The abominations finally went down, but not before getting nearly all of the groups’ weapons stuck in their horrible forms. Thankfully, the adhesive substance that made up their bodies became less sticky over time, and the weapons could be reclaimed.

After the nights of the full moon were over, the group decided to make their way to a nearby settlement to get information on the county’s political climate. On the road just before town, a gorgon attacked them, turning most of the horses (and Thorn) into stone. The horses recovered quickly and fled, while Takeo made short work of the creature once it made the mistake of coming within melee range. Dusan hopped on Dragon with Takeo and managed to calm the fleeing horses down and recover them, along with a recovered Thorn.



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