Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 43 (Northern Party)

Meetings (Northern Party 2)

Simon, previously quite lost, returned to the massacred farm where he had been kept prisoner, the Orcs having long since moved on and rifled through their things until he found papers indicating where he was. East of the Imperial highway and then south of the city of Sybaris. He determined, in disguise, to head that way. But fate had other plans. At the crossroads of the highway, he heard about the attack on his own party from some Guards talking to a gray Dwarf. The Guards were headed north. The Dwarf headed south to hunt Orcs. Originally, Simon meant to join the Guards up North, until he got a Sending from the rest of the party, holed up in the Carollis, a village to the South. Also mentioned a magic book. He switches directions and heads back to the rest of the Party.

He travels with the Dwarf who’s headed to the same village to hunt the same Orcs. When they arrive they discover that the Party has teamed up with Casper, a half-elf bounty hunter who, fortunately, is pretty picky concerning his employers (won’t work with Red Friars, Dalerians, Caethans etc.) and who’s been hitting on the only girl left in the village (ie Wren). Also, turns out there IS an actual magic book, although Simon doesn’t really have time to mess with it.

Simon goes about “healing” (repairing) ARIC while Caiden and Wren finish evacuating the village and organizing the defense, hoping to draw in the Orcs and finish them. The Dwarf is revealed to be a Monk and will join ARIC on the front line.

They set up watch and wait. One night passes. Nothing. Two Nights.
Finally! The Orcs attack. The fight goes differently this time as the Party is prepared and with the addition of the Dwarf and Casper, who prove to be quite able fighters. The Orcs are slain. And their little dog…er warg too.

After a short discussion it is decided to bring the Dwarf, who’s name is now revealed as ‘Cord’ and Casper along. After all, the chances of the Atrethian affair requiring violence are not low…



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