Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

The next morning, the party headed north of the Temple towards the Corbin farmstead as a favor to Lady Fireborn. When they arrived, they discovered the bodies of Lexius and Margaret Corbin. The other Corbins weren’t to be found at the house. The party chased after relatively fresh footprints, following them out into the Corbin farmland.

There they discovered none other than Archduke Panthershite and seven of his minions in and around the crater where Lady Fireborn was found. Also present (under guard) were Elton and Genevive Corbin. Alexis Corbin, the youngest, was being detained by Viscount Pumascratch, who held a knife to her throat.

The largest of Comte Restes de LĂ©opard’s escorts found something in the dirt of the crater. Baronet Lionhairball began to fly off with Alexis, while the Beldarian who found the item made to leave by land. Battle was joined. Hostages were grievously injured. Weretigers… were’d? In the end, the weretiger was slain, Raugraf Weakbowels Ocelet teleported with the girl, and the item they found confiscated by force.

The item, it turns out, was the handle (and possibly the entirety) of a Sword of the Heavens wielded by Archseraph Sephara. Pieces began to fall together. The party returned to the Temple with the survivors and the item.



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