Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Session 54 (?)

Information Dump

After digesting the crushing information that Lady Fireborn had been taken by Rashid, Dusan read the letter left for him, which instructed him to find her journal, in which she had constructed a ritual to summon the Archseraph, Telarus. Journal was found, read, and the various items needed for the ritual were settled on. Several of the items were in Ashwick, and, since Simon’s ability to teleport into and out of Wayreach was questionable, it was felt that the best course was to leave Derrik, Takeo, and Caiden in Cor Ferrea, along with most of the party’s loot, and have Simon take Dusan and Malaena (who were likely necessary for the ritual) to Ashwick for the supplies.

Items were gathered. Dusan revealed himself to Malaena. The rest of Luminairre had finally heard of the problems in Trigonem, and troops were building on the borders of the troubled province, ready for any spread of unrest. The Inquisition had been declared legitimate, and the fighting had subsided in all places. Fortress Adamant and Bloodmark were the only to areas with active violence—that could be contacted, at least.

Then, the ritual trio departed for Simon’s volcanic lair to construct and conduct the ritual.

After a day and a half of preparation, the ritual was final ready. At that point, bells started to sound. Someone was approaching the fortress!

That “someone” turned out to be Ral’tandrack, who had come to tell Simon that Telarus was willing to speak to the group, but that it might be best if everyone was gathered, as the archseraph hated to repeat himself. Simon had his orders, and went to fetch the remaining three who could be fetched.

The ritual was successfully completed, and Telarus appeared, willing to answer any questions that the group had for him. Those answers are summed up below:

1. Rozerus is deathly ill. One of the Elder Evils poisoned him, and the deity was lying in a fever dream, with Mirila’ana pouring forth all her power to keep him alive. Telarus had assumed a portion of his god’s portfolio, which had resulted in his relative inactivity in the affairs of mortals. The only likely cure for Rozerus is the defeat of the Elder Evils.

2. The Lady Serena Fireborn is alive, and being held in the undercity of Cor Ferrea. Telarus thought that is was unlikely that she would be killed in the immediate future. Her inability to remember anything of her life as Sephara was a self-imposed amnesia. Telarus explained that it was common for fallen angels to feel confused or even go mad from the sensation of dying—something that all mortals are accustomed to by the time they have their first coherent thoughts. Both he and Sephara thought that, in combination with the taint upon Wayreach, such confusion could quickly overcome the mortal Sephara. Hence the amnesia.

3. While the sword that Malaena currently has could eventually be used to destroy the Source of Kal’Dan, it would take more bonding time than the group really had. Telarus did say that part of the Source’s power came from the object upon which it was placed. In the absence of Braterion, the best hope for the destruction, or at least the weakening of the Source, is to remove it from it’s current position. In the best case scenario, this would disrupt the taint enough for an angelic being to come through and destroy the thing. Worst case, it would lessen some of the effects and slow the spread.

4. Duke Ashlane and Will Wolfson are on their way back to Trigonem. The Duke’s mind has been broken by what he had to endure. An angel of Mirila’ana might be able to help heal him.

The group decided to first deal with the Source, then rescue Lady Fireborn, and finally attempt to find succor for the Duke.



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