Aquila Maximus Brightguard


Fair haired and green eyed like his mother. Solidly built like his father. Like Lauren, quick to grin.


The eldest son of Moira and Aquilinus Brightguard. Aquila was colored like his mother, but built like his father. He was a charming and cheerful boy. He entered training for the knighthood at the age of eight and immediately his instructors began to call him a natural talent. There is no doubt that he would have excelled as a knight. Tragically he was killed when he fell from a horse at age twelve. Lauren was eight when he died.

It was recently revealed that on the day he died Lauren was supposed to die instead. He chose to die in her place. When his parents tried to resurrect him they were told by the priests of Romd that only Lauren would be allowed to try to resurrect him. On the same day Lauren was told this information she was also visited in a dream byt a demon and told that in reality her brother traded his life and his soul for Lauren’s life. The same demon offered Lauren seven wishes for her own soul. She refused.

Aquila Maximus Brightguard

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