Bertrich Dameir

Lord Mayor of Alaril. Oh, and Simon's father, too...


Lord Bertrich Anshelm Lothian Dawncaller Dameir is a member of the Lothianic Dameirs, the second son of the aging Count of Alaric Cotin, husband to Lady Tamara and father to both Ser Brandy and Simon and Lord Mayor of Alaril.

“Big Bert” Dameir has a father, an older brother, has had two wives and has fathered five children. He loves all of them in varying degrees, but all of them take a back seat to his beloved city.

A bit of wild boy in his youth, and was initially given the responsibility as Lord Mayor of Alaril to straighten him out, a position he took to with energy and vision. More merchant than nobleman, he understands the importance of money, and has worked hard to bring business through the river port at Alaril, especially cultivating the common-born merchant families and lesser nobility. Has benefited greatly from his father’s contacts across the border in Davingard. A fast-talking, self-interested charmer, he cultivates a larger-than-life persona that has made him, along with the trade revenues his endless deal-making brings in, beloved of Alaril. And he loves it back. Its a big, raucus, dirty, second-rate, tar-covered, sailor-filled mess and he loves every filthy, tacky, wonderful inch of it. Its HIS town and that’s that, everything, and even everyone, in his life takes back seat to his city.

In sharp contrast to his brother, who has a reputation as a chaste and loyal soldier, Bertrich has a bit of reputation with the ladies, having been married twice and has had countless mistresses. Not the best father, generally leaves the raising of his numerous children to their mothers or servants. His first wife, the elegant Solveig Stoutwall, was a political match, who produced his heir, Colin, and died giving birth to Brandy. When he remarried, it was to a woman who matched him in both ambition and libido, Tamara Ashlane (Simon’s mother), who he met at the card tables. It was love (and often hate) at first sight.

Bertrich Dameir

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