Dusan Bedrichov



Dusan looks fairly typically Luminairrian in build, tall and muscular. He stands six feet tall, barrel-chested, and is 220 pounds of mostly layers of muscle. He has brown hair and brown eyes. His body is covered in a series of small scars, the largest group being around his right elbow, a story he gladly shares. “Few people can boast that they got their elbow broken by a Duchess.”

He is slow to react, often going out of his way to analyze a situation before speaking or acting.

After a period where he seemed to be constantly worrying, his demeanor has turned into one of steely determination. His mood has improved to the point where he even occasionally smiles.

His appearance changes when his family amulet is removed. Facial features are mostly the same, but his skin and hair are a bright gold, and his eyes glow with a bright golden light.


Ser Dusan Ilya Draden Maracek-Terenov is a Knight Petitioner based out of the Ashton Priory in Phoenix. He is lord of a small manor in Ashwick, and heir to the Barony of Markess. His mother’s family, the Terenovs, are well-known throughout Ashwick as a powerful merchant family.

For the most part he is known as a skilled falconer and rider. He comes off as fairly well-read for a Luminairrian. He joined the Priory at the age of ten, 2 years later than most initiates. And it took 8 years, rather than the conventional 7, to pass the swordsmanship tests. Most of his instructors and peers assumed that Dusan would either become an acolyte tending to the Priory, or would return to govern his estates. It was a surprise to many when the blind Senior Knight Brenna Aurius chose Dusan as her squire.

Experience in the field appears to have made up for his relative failure at formal training. He still isn’t the deadliest with the blade, but is more than willing to put himself between his allies and danger. A recent brush with death, and his extremely unlikely survival have toughened him even more than a lifetime of athleticism ever could.

He was recently inducted into the Knights-Petitioner at Firestorm Keep, although less than a week passed before his induction was challenged.

His former brooding over his “family curse” has turned into grim acceptance. All told, since Revenant Keep, his mood has slowly changed for the better.

On Eragold 7, he took on Thorn Silversmith, and afflicted lycanthrope, as his squire.

Before the party’s current adventure into Trigonum, he informed the rest of the party as to what he had discovered about his ancestry in order to warn them that they might become targets.

Dusan Bedrichov

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