Lord Marcus Lanternbearer

Human Lord Knight of Knights Petitioner, Lord of Northgaard


Marcus was born in Luminairre, but is obviously descended from a bloodline outside of the Empire. His skin is somewhat darker than Luminairre natives. He keeps his head shaved and wears an eye patch after losing an eye during the Evan-Meltha War at the Battle of Ethirialan.


Marcus is descended from the Tjernold line of Seran. Marcus’s grandfather was a minor cousin of Governor-General Valar Tjernold. When Valar was cast down by Pyrus Infernus, Marcus’s ancestor wasted no time in fleeing Seran.

For years, Marcus’s young grandfather was on the run, changing his identity and moving often, constantly evading and battling assassins sent after him by the new regime in Seran. Eventually, Marcus’s grandfather settled in the relative safety of Luminairre and was able to settle down and have a son.

Marcus was born 40 years ago. From an early age, his father kept up the Tjernold tradition of training with weapons. Marcus had a natural knack for war, and had the makings of a fine swordsman and a skilled leader. When he was 16, Marcus left home and joined the mercenary group ‘Avenging Seraphim’ based out of Luminairre. He distinguished himself early as a warrior and rapidly moved up the ranks.

By all accounts, Marcus was not an ideal candidate for paladinhood. While a skilled warrior, he enjoyed shedding blood, was as foul-mouthed as any sailor, was a devoted womanizer and gambler, and cared less about causes than he did about gold. He did what was necessary to complete an assignment, and he did not shy away from inflicting pain upon a prisoner to extract information.

The Avenging Seraphim were hired by the crown of Qual-Evan to serve in the war against the dalerians. It was during this war that things changed for Marcus. He was leading a squad toward the front when they passed through a small villiage well away from the main fighting. The villiage had housed women and children refugees of the war that were awaiting transport to safer regions of Qual-Evan. A dalerian warparty had somehow managed to sneak past the picket lines and sentries of the elven front and fell upon the town, slaughtering nearly all of the inhabitants.

Seeing the slaughtered innocents caused a change in Marcus and ignited a righteous vengeance Marcus had never known before. He remembered the carnage he had witnessed, and battled to avenge it. He found religion, and with the help of clerics of Rozerus and some Knights Sentinel that served in the war, became a paladin.

He returned to Luminairre long enough to be Knighted, then returned to the war. He is the Knighthood’s expert on the war, and has a very good relationship with the Qual-Evani.

Marcus is well-known in the Knighthood, and has many enemies. Lord Acron Iceheart has often said that Marcus should be cast out of the Knighthood and indeed voted against him when he was confirmed as a Lord Knight. Marcus walks a fine line in upholding the Code of Light at times. Lady Viola the Gentle also has problems with Lord Lanternbearer, primarily because she views his methods as too violent.

Lord Marcus Lanternbearer

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