Tamara Dameir

Simon's mum. Terror of Alaril.


Human. Female. Aristocrat (probably some rogue)


Lady Tamara Gareta Goldcloak Ashlane-Damier is the second wife of Lord Mayor Bertrich Dameir of Alaril, mother of Simon and younger sister of Lady Moira Brightguard. The Lady of Alaril is a vivacious, lively, and famously ambitious fixture of the river city, only overshadowed by her husband for being well-known in Alaric Cotin. It is commonly said in Alaril that no one is indifferent about Lady Tamara. Love her or hate her, no one is neutral about her.

Tamara and her older sister Moira were born the daughters of a minor cousin of the Ashlane family of Trigonum, Baron Gareth Ashlane, Baron of Landhold, one of the valuable farming baronies in eastern Trigonum. The girls’ mother Aelwyn died when they were young and their father gambled away the family fortune and had the barony taken away from him by the then-current Duke and reassigned to a more able noble. Lord Gareth dropped the girls off with his cousin, Count Ashlane, (who later became the Duke of Trigonum and father of the current duke) and abandoned the family to make his own fortunes.

Moira was left to raise Tamara, but left for seminary just as Tamara was entering adolescence. Tamara was forced to rely on the charity of various relations, often moving from one court to the next so as to not outstay her welcome. She learned to survive and thrive on the good will of others, all the little games and tricks of the court, becoming a socialite, gambler and all-around party girl. She had many lovers, and often relied on elderly married men for her income, but it wasn’t until a handsome, middle-aged noble caught her cheating at cards that she fell in love.

The sharp-eyed man was, of course, “Big Bert”, who took back his lost money and then helped her cheat a rival of his for everything he was carrying. It was the beginning of the rest of their lives. They were in bed within the hour, married within the season, and she had given birth to Simon within the year. Tamara and Bertrich’s relationship is fiery and contentious, but it goes as deep as a wound. They are deeply in love but neither of these iron wills can compromise with the other long enough to permanently keep the peace.

Having learned ambition at an early age, and swearing never to be helpless and without status again, Tamara has been scheming to replace Colin and Brandy, Bert’s children from an earlier marriage with her own, especially the reticent Simon. This is one the most regular sources of conflict between Tamara and Bert. Since Colin’s marriage and the birth of his son, Arnard, she has realized that it is increasingly unlikely that she will gain the County for her children and has started concentrating on finding other means of advancing them. In Simon’s
scholarship she sees the hope for his entering the Church and following her sister’s path into the hierarchy. She is training up Lysabet and Idelle to be good wives and currently is in the process of negotiating with several prominent families to get them husbands.

The thing about Tamara is this. No matter what, she never quits. Never.

Tamara Dameir

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