Ragnarok (Item of Legend)

This greatsword appears to be made of polished obsidian. Within the blade, magma seems to swirl. Fiery runes are sometimes visible along the blade.

weapon (melee)

Aura: Strong Abjuration, Evocation, and Transmutation
Weight: 8 pounds

Item Abilities:

+1 Transformative Greatsword

Sentient Item Powers: Vision and Hearing 120 ft, Darkvision 120 ft, Read Languages (Ex) and Read Magic (Sp), Telepathy with wielder; Intelligence 20, Wisdom 16, Charisma 16.

Languages: Common, Dracnan, Draconic, Eldar, Ignan, Silver Elven

Skills: Knowledge (Arcana) +10, Spellcraft +10

Ego: 19 (starting value)

The wielder of Ragnarok can use detect magic (Sp) at will.

Item caster level is equal to the Ragnarok’s level.

Level Power
1 Ragnarok can contain spells, functioning like a spellbook. Ragnarok can also function as a bonded object to its wielder. Ragnarok cannot be broken as long as the wielder has at least one spell slot of 1st level or higher available to cast.
2 ???
3 ???
4 ???
5 ???
6 ???
7 ???
8 ???
9 ???
10 ???
11 ???
12 ???
13 ???
14 ???
15 ???
16 ???
17 ???
18 ???
19 ???
20 ???

Ragnarok was created by Ral’Tandrack and given as a gift to Eli Vorseth, the leader of the Mage Knights of Mystryl many thousands of years ago. The blade was crafted to help the Mage Knights uphold the balance of magic and to defeat any threats to that balance. After the death of Eli, the sword was passed down from one Grand Master of Mystryl to the next.

As the sword has been wielded by dozens of the most powerful warrior mages on Ondoron over the ages, it has a great deal of knowledge of both warfare and the arcane.

When the Order of the Mage Knights of Mystryl vanished about 1,000 years ago, both the fortress of Mystryl and Ragnarok disappeared as well. Neither have been seen since that time.

Ragnarok (Item of Legend)

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