Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Kal'Dan's General Part I

Ziggurats and Corpses.

The party teleported to a point just outside of the ruins of an old Dirisskilssi city in the Blood Plains. It seemed to have been recently inhabited, but the creatures who had been operating out of there (likely sinspawn) had left.

While making their way through the ruins towards a large temple ziggurat, a large stone slab came to the attention of the party. Based on its construction, it appeared to be a vault in which a large creature was being contained, and the inscription revealed that the vault’s creators believed that the vault would open at the “end of times.” A large gem had been recently attached (recent being a relative term) to the vault, that seemed to allow telepathic contact with the thing in the vault. This gem was quickly thrown in the volcano near Mystryl Keep (?).

As the party prepared to enter the ziggurat at a door near its base, a mound of corpses half buried under the snow animated and began to stomp the party into oblivion. While several party members went down, final death came first to the corpse construct/flesh titan.



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