Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Kel'Dan's General Part 2

Wrong Door

After a brief rest, the party prepared to assault the ziggurat itself. There were two options available: either open the door near the bottom, or climb up to the top. After examining the door and not finding anything on it but a basic lock (which was done with easily enough by Simon’s Knock spell, the party burst open the doors…

…and were swiftly attacked by four black dragon skeletal guardians. The fight went well enough, until the very large dragon skeleton in the middle was about to attack, and an invisible winter wight from the top joined in. As a blizzard hit. Bad news all around. Using all available effort (and some rare af Hero Points) the party managed to barely escape. Not all to the same place, or completely intact, but alive.

While recovering in Xethis, many of the party members were approached by… interested parties. How will this affect the oncoming invasion? Will everything still go belly-up?



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