Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

The Fall of Vadraco, from the journal of Takeo Cae'Arytiss

After the events at the Platinum throne. On the betrayal of Blackfang and Klintendekendor. On the ascension of Takeo.

The party was preparing to gather, at Aurenia where the armies would muster to march into Wayreach to confront the Source. Fate had other plans. As Simon was preparing to bring the rest of the party to meet up in Aurenia, Lady Fireborn went to Simon and said that she needed to see Takeo immediately. Upon the party reforming, Lady Fireborn informed me that Vadraco had need to speak with Takeo as soon as possible and that she needed us outside of the darkness to be able to shift us to the Platinum Throne.

The party left with all haste and were shifted into the heavens, or more specifically Bahar’s former seat of power in the planes. All around were figures that looked like a cross between a dragon and a human fighting with little green men and with chromatics. Suddenly in the sky we saw the largest dragon we had ever seen, more something of argent force than of any true type. He crossed the sky and tore apart several red dragons as well as some silver triangle things that seemed to fly that were piloted by these little green men. Klint and Black Fang were attacking Vadraco in a direct assault. Some round object shot a rather large green beam at Vadraco and he fell to the ground where we rushed to his side.

To preserve some of his power and shelter it away from Black Fang and Klint, he imbued it into Takeo making him a proxy of his power. Then he said to flee, as fast as possible. After doing some searching around within the main temple grounds, and aquiring some diamonds, the party was able to find a way out to the Astral plane as a direct route back was locked. However, before they were able to affect their escape, Black Fang and Klint backed Vadraco into the temple. They offered Vadraco the chance to join them, or to die. He stood his ground but was cut down by Black Fang. The party made good their escape and then returned to Ondoron and the material plane.

After returning Ral’Tandrack wanted to speak with Simon and Takeo. They again left the sphere and were given a portal to go visit. We told Ral’Tandrack what had occurred and what we had seen. We were then told that Mithos Ironhorn had also been attacked and was wounded and missing. Again, returning to the material and bringing everyone up to speed a short visit was payed to the Dark Elves marching with the forces from Phoenix. The news of Mithos was shared to be passed to Jagdar.

Deville and the black dragons joined up in Aurenia, and presented an offer to bring the orcs in to join the Army of a Thousand Lights. With the Emperor’s agreement and a teleportation circle from Simon the orcs were brought in with a promise of a land grant in Milas Hostium. Simon was also able to use a circle to bring in the elves from Qual’evan.

With roughly two days until the forces from Phoenix arrive, Lady Fireborn again presented unique options to the party. Some time back, Dusan had been told that with a collection of Seraphim statuettes he would be able to find the blade that was his birthright. The emperor’s blade of Luminairre that had been missing for over 100 years. The last of these statuettes had been located, the most difficult of them because it was lost in the Blood Plains. Currently in possession of a general of our enemies. Lady Fireborn had a location for this draconic entity. Now it was time for the party to act. To reclaim Dusan’s birthright and push forward. We leave for the Blood Plains.



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