Edge of Darkness: The Broken Circle

Unlikely Alliances

As plans were being drawn up for marching west, a flight of blue dragons landed in the snow just outside the gates of Phoenix. Their riders, a group of armored dark elves, requested to speak with the leadership of the new kingdom. They informed the ruling council that Dracnus wanted the situation in Trigonum and the Blood Plains dealt with, and offered to send troops to help with the situation. Dracnus also wanted to set up an embassy in new kingdom. Both of these terms were debated and eventually agreed on by the ruling council. Dusan’s efforts to convince the Lord Knights of the benefits of the arrangement did not finish nearly as quickly.

The agreement with the black dragons and their orc allies was finalized. They would have control of the land, and have the opportunity to investigate claims of damages. In return, we would charge them a certain amount of gold for damages done by their dragons or orcs. They would purchase food, rather than steal from neighboring areas. Again, trying to convince the Lord Knights took nearly as long as finalizing the agreement.

The party has split up. Takeo is marching his constructs toward the meeting point in Aurenia, along with the other Trigonum troops that are marching into Wayreach. The remaining troops are marching to Aurenia from Phoenix.



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