The exotic Sultanate of Beldaria is home to strange beasts and valuable spices, dark powers, shady dealings, backstabbing, treachery, sex, and drugs galore. Many sailors agree that is a great place to visit, but they wouldn’t want to live there.

Beldaria is divided into roughly a dozen different beyliks, or principalities, each ruled by a “prince”. Alliances shift regularly among the Princes, and skirmishes between Prince-hired mercenaries are common. The three most powerful Princes at any given time are known as the Sultanate Triumvirate, and all other Princes owe them taxes and prisoners.

The church of Klandrin is powerful here, and operates in the open. Their priests wear jeweled animal masks, and are feared by the populace of the beyliks. The Princes of the Triumvirate rule with the church’s blessing.

Ylchia also holds some power here, and schools that teach the art of “companionship” are said to operate in the back alleys of some of the largest cities.



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